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  1. OP I quickly glimpsed through your figures, I'm not a financial advisor but it seems to me with 600K super and your own apartment you won't qualify for age pension...so you may need to spend/hide some money to reduce assets. Don't sell the apartment unless you are savvy investor and can get better returns elsewhere. Keep in mind in Australia it is better from OAP and assets prospective to own your home, if you sell your apartment you may kiss the OAP goodbye, as your assets in regards to OAP eligibility will increase very unfavourably. To reduce your assets back to the OAP threshol
  2. Don't forget the expensive PCR tests...with quoted numbers of 15k baht for all the tests that's a quarter of all the spending.
  3. UK is hardly a model for opening. In continental Europe there are pretty much no countries forcing people in massively overpriced quarantine for 10 days.
  4. The train to Kunming via Laos will be great, but inevitably some of Laos charm would be lost. When countries become more developed they do lose some of the old "wild frontier" charm.
  5. If that ever happens there will be zero hansum men to witness it. Would be purged to extinction by the cost of living.
  6. The West can outbid the Chinese if they want to do it. I'm pretty sure Hun Sen won't turn down any irresistible offer. The Japanese are doing very well in Cambodia and keep on investing. The most notable Western "investments" I've seen in Sihanoukville were a bunch of tin sheds with prostitutes. Oh yeah and Heineken is doing quite well there.
  7. It would be way better to get an AZ booster. Studies of boosting Sinovac with CanSino (Chinese vaccine similar to AZ) show much higher antibodies with CanSino booster shot than a third Sinovac. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3148001/chinese-study-suggests-using-different-covid-19-vaccines-booster "After two weeks, those given two shots and the CanSino booster were producing 78 times the number of antibodies that they were beforehand, compared with 15.2 times the level for those given a third Sinovac shot." CanSino is not available in Thailan
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