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  1. I like that option well enough. You think it a better option to go to Guam than Phillipinnes?
  2. The FEHB ; they know you are overseas? I ask because I have the BCBS Fepblue and a bit afraid to declare my outside the states residence as more than travel.
  3. BTW, I entered Thailand around the 5th of Sept on a 45 day visa excempt. Then 15 days before that ran out I applied for the 90 day visa. Now in two weeks I use the TM7 (800k in bank for 4 years already) to get an extension of 365 days for purposes of retirement. The immigration office did express vigorously that I MUST apply for Retirement Excemption TM7 at their office ONLY. This was not Jomtien or Bangkok.
  4. Many that Covid-19 would have been fatal for had previously succumbed to haze in the air? That's my first best guess. Covid-19 was late to the table for many in Chiang Mai.
  5. 149 positives out of 116,000 tests ; I wonder what the rate of flase positives is. Could be not all of those 149 really had Covid-19 and what percentage of them were asymptomatic ?
  6. One of the most important functions of Government is to Protect the Rights of the minority, especially from the mojority.
  7. I've read where the booster is half the amount of the regular shot. In theory one shot should be enough to boost for the both of you. So, sell the other shot?
  8. OMG, think of those waitng in that same room.
  9. One group gets arrested, booked, hounded and fined. The other get to watch fireworks or listen to music. Yes; one of the groups is much safer to be part of.
  10. Silver lining says the covid hospitalization costs will increase the average spend of tourist in Hua Hin. Spin that.
  11. It is the way of the world these days. Lots of Americans(and others) violate all sorts of laws even though they aren't in America. Mostly drug lords and suspected terrorists but plenty of what we'd think of as regular ole degenerate folks.
  12. Every American that wanted a vaccine got a vaccine. Very few, if any at all, had the Chinese version forced on them. There were excess doses that either would expire or could be used elsewhere. Why Thailand is beyond me.
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