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  1. America doesn't have money for aid; Biden trying to raise taxes now.
  2. You'd of thought the Japanese army would of brought that style of sex with them when they were here. American GI's weren't the first foreign army in large numbers to visit Thailand.
  3. Would that be 5 continuous years or one year every other year until she reaches five? Or 6 months here and there until she gets the total 5 years in?
  4. Phone missing? Oh please tell me the local BIB understand telephone towers and pinging and such.
  5. I'd like to keep my registering to a minimum these days. How about I pay cash and you give me a card good for a month.
  6. Funny that; my girl has about the same background and mentality. I blame her outlook on her girlfriends advice which pretty much all originates or influenced by ladies of the red light districts.
  7. They want to have the sex stories during state( and Business) visits to cease being told. My guess is top brass and rich people visit Washington/London/Berlin and have falang <deleted> that can't wait to tell about their experiences in the Red Light Districts. I'd think those encounters would get old quick and lead to a loss of face. The rich and powerful are tired of those escapades being told time and again during their visits to the West.
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