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  1. I've played every course in CM except Gymkhana, and I play with a golf society, and every course wants to see proof that I'm a resident and not a tourist. As for the courses that wouldn't accept my Thai driver's license, I named them in an earlier post.
  2. that's all well and good during the day, but out in the sticks most bikes don't have headlights or tail lights, and riding at night, as is their want, you don't see the potholes until you hit them.
  3. the accommodation at RCM is old on the outside, but the rooms are quite spacious and not to bad to stay when it's open, which it isn't at the moment.
  4. they wouldn't accept mine 2 weeks ago, so had to show them my passport with the extension stamp as I didn't have my pink ID card with me. I guess like most things Thai, it depends on the individual you are dealing with at the time.
  5. Royal Chiang Mai actually has a sign up in the pro shop saying driver's license no longer accepted as proof of being a Thai resident, and Summit Green Valley wouldn't accept one either.
  6. what part of "press releases" don't you understand? Even some of the Thai approved health insurance companies ( in particular AETNA ) have already been posting ads on ASEAN NOW with regards to these upcoming changes, and my health insurance company has confirmed that they ARE coming. See 2 links below. 1st by AETNA and the 2nd by the Deputy Health Minister. Just the formalities of publishing in the Govt Gazette to come. How are the Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay Visa) requirements changing? - Insurance in Thailand - ASEAN NOW - News, Travel & Forum Non-immigr
  7. it needs to be in both languages or in your native language and a certified Thai translation. It does not need to be registered at the Amphur.
  8. Joe is correct. The new requirements ( 3 million baht Inpatient ) and according to the most recent post on ASEAN NOW they are in effect from October 192021 for new O-A applications. No mention of whether it's only visas based on retirement or ALL O-A visa types yet. The new minimum will come into effect on 1 Sept 2022 for extensions of stay. At this point all the press releases I've read, especially those here on ASEAN NOW have clearly stated this, but with no mention of outpatient level of cover, and I have received confirmation from my health insurance company to this effect. The only proble
  9. Mae Jo rough is ok, BUT a couple of their greens are in terrible condition. Why not give Royal Chiang Mai a try.
  10. some of courses up here won't accept a Thai drivers license anymore. It has to either be a pink ID card, a yellow book or your passport with an extension of stay stamped in it.
  11. yes there are. Thai Noise Pollution Laws limit noise to an average of 90 decibels over a 24 hour period. Getting them enforced is the only problem.
  12. Will B Good. We've had our differences of opinion in the past, but there is something that can be done about it. Have your wife complain to the District Office, not the village head, and ask them to come and set up Noise Pollution testing equipment for a 24 hour period non-stop. If the average noise level exceeds 90 decibels, then under Thai Noise Pollution laws the District Office can direct him to move the speakers to somewhere else or take them down or turn the volume down so that it doesn't exceed 90 decibels. If he fails to do so within 15 days, then they can come and legally
  13. I agree with the first part of your post, viz ALL long stay visa/extension types should have mandatory health insurance. However, I disagree with you thinking that the O-A visa has been propping up retirees, and the majority of those retirees will be insulted by your saying they expect the Thai Govt system to treat them for free. What god damned planet are you living on or are you one of those with expectations of free health care and p'd off that you can't get it.
  14. you can't work with too many insurers then, because I've contacted EVERY Thai authorised health insurance company today and only 2 had any knowledge of these alleged changes ( and AXA was not one of them), and 1 will not take on new clients 70 or older and the other has no premiums posted on their web site even though they have already updated their site to show 3 million as the minimum cover for O-A.
  15. The link below is an ad posted by AETNA Insurance recently, and according to AETNA in this advertisement extensions of stay for O-A visas will require 3 million baht cover from Sept 1 2022. How are the Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay Visa) requirements changing? - Insurance in Thailand - ASEAN NOW - News, Travel & Forum I'm also bewildered by the lack of logic and the discrimination when it comes to money in the bank and health insurance, each for different reasons. #1. I'm at a complete loss why an expat staying by reason of marriage has to only hav
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