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  1. most reports yet to be confirmed say its like a 2 day hangover, and all over, so the papers will be out in 3 weeks from SA, no need to terrorize the word, your right
  2. I have kept up to date with the Omicron news, and so far many doctors are saying this may be a savior, if it turns out to be not so harmful. One South African Dr says its a storm in a teacup, her patients were only getting headaches and tiredness . DR Campbell has an update on the latest news on you tube. He was also interviewed about this on DW, its available on youtube. He said it will be at least 3 weeks before an official report comes from South Africa, but he and others I viewed are hoping that this may be good news if the new variant is only causing minor effects.
  3. Good night all, be on the lookout for a new virus that might, as I put on my thinkyoulater, not hurt you as much as delta even though you might get infected easier, the Jury is out, we are waiting for the experts to report ,but I hope the old thinkyoulater handed down for many generations may be right, but it's speculation at this stage lets just hope that the old thinkyoulater is right, hope so for all of us on this deturbed planet.
  4. I was talking to a guy a few years ago who became one of my best friends, he lived in Thailand 45 yrs. In Pratunam. He said to me one day look over the soi at the building, I said why he said, dont you see, what I said? the peep holes? they have been gambling here for years, they used to look at you through the peepholes before letting you in, then I looked around more , a very old soi in Pratunam, peep holes everywhere , he said nothing changed except the red light district moved around the corner to Sukhumvit rd. after R and R. he said Chinese gambling houses were still goin
  5. The family cannot do anything, the brat never listened to his mother or father, just had a nice happy life snorting, driving ferraris And could do what he likes, the family are wondering who to marry him into, so he will be able to sing karaoke, have babies and never talk about this again
  6. If a well dressed Thai rides a bike with no helmet they are far more likely than a poor person on a clapped out bike, to be stopped and fined, logic prevails.
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