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  1. I think anyone who’s not manipulated by the fear of being called a cheap Charlie by an ex bar girl .
  2. Normal middle class Thais hate it too ! My in laws would get super <deleted> when I used to leave a decent tip . It’s not Thai culture at all .
  3. Remember when the wife and I was dating (15 years ago) I had never been to samet so rented a moped to ride around the island ….. big mistake I ended up pushing it most of the way the wife must of been impressed as she still laughs at me for that to this day .
  4. Depends on a number of things to be fair . Does your wife work ? does she come from a normal family ? Where does she come from ? For example if she was a former entertainment girl she might be more suited to living around other similar couples in a place like Pattaya or Phuket . If she’s from a normal middle class family then rayong or Hua Hin might be more suitable . You might think she’s just Thai but Thais can be judge-mental and know exactly where in life she’s come from . If she’s not happy you won’t be happy
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