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  1. Much better things to spend the money on....................!!!!!
  2. So that's what 20 Million Baht looks like ......................LOL
  3. Hey!! there are other parts to Thailand than Bangkok think of other also ...................!!!!!
  4. They know what the problem is but will not, or cannot solve the problem
  5. Errrrrrr we have heard this before, it generally means "Prepare for the worst" .......
  6. Good question, maybe others failed to complete the entry form ..............LOL
  7. Only one problem, they forgot to mention that only the Rich Thais would be in a position to do so
  8. It sounds more like the Thai government grasping at straws and there is no real good news regarding Phuket & it's kitty-box
  9. Maybe Mr. edwinchester has hit on the reason for these books, they made such a mess of the paperwork issued to various people that they had to issue something to cover up their shabby organisation and issuance of standard uniform certificates .....
  10. Maybe this would be a good time to educate the boat captains to use Bali Hai Pier instead of beach road before the hordes of Chinese return
  11. Sorry to hear your problem, maybe use a better hospital next time, mine has my name in English & Thai, my passport number & the batch of vaccine, it is a shame there was no standards used in some places, this is possibly one reason why England was reluctant to accept Thai vaccination certificates at first.
  12. One also has to ask the question why do you need this passport when you already have a valid certificate?? Plus the certificate is all one needs to travel
  13. There are always exceptions to the rule, however this car is not an Audi Quatro also no reports of the car spinning therefore possibly not relevant to this issue
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