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  1. Not quite, they only want foreigners who deposit their wallet in a large bin at immigration, and then go straight back out through departures.
  2. The wife said her local Tuesday market has been closed for 14 days for cleaning after a lot of people caught the virus there. I know I keep repeating myself, but they still allow hundreds, if not thousands of Bangkokians here every weekend without so much as a cursory glance. I guess money does talk.
  3. I was only thinking yesterday that it had been a long time since we heard from him. Maybe I will send him a p.m. and ask if he is o.k.
  4. First time I read your post I thought the last line said you were hard for ten seconds..............
  5. What a pile of drivel. People are coming to, and travelling unhindered around Hua Hin, from all over the place. There are no checks, and the one checkpoint we see near Makro is never manned, just a few annoying cones in the road, place looks like a scene from the walking dead. i went to Bangkok for my 2 vaccinations, never went through a checkpoint. I regularly go fishing past Pranburi, again, no checkpoints. So who is going to monitor these people.
  6. Sorry but there is no high season, there wasn't one this year, there wasn't one last year, nor the year before. there will be none next year. Of course you could have been joking when you mentioned it....
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