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  1. Astonishing and disgusting. No wonder men visiting Thailand and expats living here have such a bad stereotype. 16 is still a child and still developing and cannot make these kinds of decisions for themselves.
  2. Cheapness, laziness, thinking immigration outside of the big tourist cities won't really be looking for or care about overstayers.
  3. I knew a TG who went to Bahrain to work, despite me warning her what would most likely happen, the mamasan ended up keeping almost all the money she made after a year or more, she came back to Thailand with nothing. Luckily for her, only after a short time of working at a bar on her return, she met a guy from the UK who married her and took her back to the UK and according to her social media, is happy now with two kids with him.
  4. Oh you could be right. I was thinking ASQ if you were near someone on the plane who tested positive.
  5. ASQ if you are asymptomatic, straight to the hospital to drain your insurance if you are showing any symptoms at all.
  6. Wrong. 1900 is only if you stay here until your 1 year permission to stay is expiring and you don't want to leave the country before it does. If you're never staying more than a full consecutive year in the country, you will not have to pay anything more for the full term of your elite visa.
  7. "the new domestic entry requirements to the province to come into effect on Saturday (Oct 16)." You had to pay because it's not in effect yet.
  8. Yes it's unlimited entries, and you get one year each time. Obviously this was more appealing before COVID and all its restrictions. But yes, with the 20 year Elite visa, you are guaranteed unlimited entries for the full term you pay for. Of course, it's always subject to change at their discretion which it states in their terms.
  9. There's no freedom from 90 day reporting. Even with the Elite visa, you still need to do them. They have an office that'll do them free for you in Bangkok/Pattaya and maybe a few other cities. Elite is targeted towards people who are frequent travellers and usually don't stay in Thailand a full year, your one year is renewed with every entry. It doesn't protect you otherwise from any potential future requirements as we saw that people with Elite visas were having almost as much trouble returning to Thailand when the borders were closed and restrictions were more strict.
  10. It's always the intention when they make up rules on the spot or don't follow their set policies/requirements. And it works. I am paying quite a bit extra for someone else to do my fully legal extensions just so I don't have to set foot inside of immigration and deal with the frustrating people there. Plus I'm lessening my exposure to potential COVID infection at the same time.
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