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  1. Thailand Visa and Immigration Forums

    Thailand Visa and Immigration forums, where our ASEAN NOW members try and help where possible find the answer to Visa related issues and questions.


  2. Thailand News

    The latest Thailand news and videos, covering business, politics and discussions in the Land of Smiles. Up to date issues which could affect you whilst living or travelling in Thailand.

  3. Thailand General Chat

    An ASEAN NOW forum for general interest & discussion topics related to Thailand only and not covered by other sub forums.

  4. Thailand COVID-19 Updates (Sponsored by Aetna Insurance)

    A forum dedicated to information and discussion related to the current pandemic in Thailand and around the world. This is not for conspiracy theories or any form of political discussion. If your topic is region/location specific, please use that specific forum.

  5. Thailand Motor Forum

    Cars, law, traffic rules, driver's license, routes, etc. Repair shops, second hand cars, all things petrol, diesel and EV!

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