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  1. This webpage shows you some of the options for Thai COVID insurance. There are some options available for 75 and over. https://asq.in.th/thailand-entry-requirements
  2. Yes, he did 14 days in the Phuket Sandbox. I imagine somebody else filled in the visa paperwork for the cast and crew.
  3. There's some airlines that advertise "no change fees" for all their tickets including economy, like Qatar and Emirates. Make sure you book directly from the airline, the ticket may be slightly more expensive, but well worth it if you need to change. Example: Qatar Heathrow - Phuket: £510 from agency £564 direct with airline From Qatar's website: Double check the "no change fees" policy is still in force before you book your ticket
  4. Brakes seem to fail much more often in Thailand than in any other country ... excuses-wise, it's up there with "the dog ate my homework"
  5. Love the anecdotes about your time in Oz, let's have more of "Rooster's Autobiography" in future installments!
  6. Immigration: "You cannot enter Thailand! This insurance does not qualify!" Me: "But I was on aseannow.com, and somebody told me that I just needed to use common sense!" Immigration: "Is that right? Sorry about the misunderstanding sir, welcome to Thailand!".
  7. Yes, it's quite likely that they will stipulate or encourage the use of Thai insurance companies. Thai Embassies have been accepting the use of the Emirates free "Thai covid" policy up until now for people applying for their CoE, and other people have had their own domestic policies accepted (in some cases). But most people bought one of the Thai policies. After 1st of November, who knows.
  8. If that is $50,000 general health insurance, in theory any normal travel insurance policy should be able to cover that. However, what happens if you get tested positive but are asymptomatic? Will tourists still have to pay for a 2 week hospital stay? Most travel insurance policies wouldn't pay out in that scenario.
  9. 1 or 2. It's a long time since I studied maths, but that would suggest an upper limit of 2 to me. What is vague about that? Perhaps you don't think it's worth pointing out when a politician makes a promise that they don't deliver on?
  10. In years gone by, tourists have been known to spend several nights in Thailand's hotels
  11. They will urgently draw up plans to select the members of a focus group, who will define the parameters of a "Priority A" subcommittee dedicated to exploring preliminary discussions with to-be-determined stakeholders in the "No Quarantine" project.
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