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  1. I'd also like to know if the vaccine certificate removes the need for say my UK PCR test before flying ? That they accept a 1 day hotel booking, where a pcr test would be done if not at the hotel - airport ? How where, and how you get to the AQ hotel to isolate. Is it still 30 days visa on arrival ? Has to be some things missing here , as I cannot see a need for a hotel if there are no PCR tests anywhere before release into the public. Best we all wait until 1st nov see how the nonsense pans out
  2. I do not think any of us are 'scared' of dying - just the manner of our death. Knowing my luck Buddhists would be right and I'd be born into a future totally woke world I'd be happy to have left previously
  3. I agree, for all those in the UK, I say get the 3rd jab and then see requirements at the time. Let it iron itself out
  4. sorry , was internationalism link. But the question is still valid, if you can help
  5. I know I'm stupid but your link states Are COVID-19 PCR tests still required? They will still be required for AQ stay, but it appears they may no longer be required for Sandbox, and Quarantine Free entry. The phuket standbox are already dropping these requirements starting October 15th. We expect other sandbox programs to also drop these requirements starting November 1st. So, does this mean PCR test are not required for 10 quarantine free countries if they stay in say Pattaya Sandbox and only PCR if not staying in a sandbox ? ? Or what, seems very unclear to
  6. If they switched to antigen tests on arrival at the airport and free release into Thailand , I'd be all for it. I think it's something they could organise quite easily and with tourism numbers quite low to start with and a massive airport there'd be plenty of room to do it. I'd recommend also a second free test to all those found positive to test for false positive anti-gen
  7. My wife is an excellent cook, when I was in Thailand I piled on the KG, Since being in the UK for the last 18 months and doing like a 10Km walk every day to all the charity shops in the town, my legs and stomach have slimmed quite a bit now. My advice, get dropped 10km from the house every day and walk home
  8. Seems to be another good reason for Thailand to drop the another silly ban and start converting all that rubber into decent male sex toys for its demanding - and randy - Thai male populace
  9. I don't waste my money gambling, but oh, for heavens. just legalise it and use the tax income.
  10. So will these illegal migrants now be thrown in an expensive quarantine facility and tested to death before being presented with a $100,000 bill ?
  11. I only recently started using Wise, first 3 transaction of £600 no problems. Sent £20 on Monday to the wife for something - STILL not arrived 4 days later. Wise say talk Bangkok Bank. Was hoping maybe delayed due to bank holiday, but in limbo, wife checking for me.
  12. double jabbed brits - 24th October. I imagine other countries to follow
  13. UK starting lateral flow tests soon for arrivals from green list - just take evidence and post it or something. Thailand should follow suit - hopefully. Currently they are still shuffling nonsense
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