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  1. Dear me, Thailand appears to disappearing up its own officialdom paperwork backside even more, at the worse possible time in decades.
  2. Notice that you did not post the graph showing that deaths have actually gone up since they started using sinvac ! Deaths gone up from less than 50 to over a hundred a day since started using it, Should post ALL the data that that which suits ! Deaths matter - not infections. Clearly it seems Sinovac is not helping reduce deaths - my guess is the lockdown is helping more than Sinovac
  3. Bangkok bank - had account maybe 4 years up now, no problems, though I seem to lose 600 baht a year the wife tells me not to worry about.
  4. Sure like to know how that number was worked out and if it's been given to them by the immigration authority detailing retirement, working, etc , visas issued. If not , I seriously doubt that figure
  5. As I'm stuck outside Thailand in a Bed and breakfast for 15 months, I'd have to say 3 hours charity shop hunting for bargains a day, sleeping as much as possible to make time go quick, and a er, ah, hmmm, some very 'private' video calls with the wife !
  6. My advice would be wait 18-24 months and see what happens. Thailand is not going to go back to the same as it was before in my opinion. The people - already unhappy with the political system - have seen the total failure of appointing generals to run the country during a pandemic. If there does not seem to be any movement in the political structure on the horizon by then I'd advise leaving as not even complete failure will remove them and things will only get worse.
  7. Maybe he would like to explain Thailand's fall from grace, of going from 144th for infections to 44th and running in line with poor African for vaccine roll out !
  8. Or 'The daily numbers could have already surpassed 40,000 a day with adequate and honest testing with lockdown'
  9. You can but hope that a new government would remove that immunity and backdate it 5 years. Unfortunately the way they have fiddled the voting MP restructuring, they are pretty free for life
  10. My wife pays our rent every month but ATM transfer, 5 minutes at the ATM outside and done, have no idea why the poster need to actually go into the bank - and you get a slip for evidence too !
  11. Can't say too much as I am stuck outside Thailand, but the wife tells me there are many cases of Covid in our chok Chai village in Ptattaya and the government delivering food to the people so they don't go out.
  12. I would suggest with a 2 week watch on Phuket, they'd be better off changing their dates and getting out now if they are booked to fly from the Island Internationally. Every chance the International flights will be cancelled soon if two week watch goes badly
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