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  1. Just take away the income from the fishing industry and they will find another income, maybe PIRACY. Thefuture might be bright and we have another area of piracy and sea lanes patrol on our hands. Thank you USA, you are so smart.clap2.gif

    So we should just stand idly by and do nothing? Your post reads like you have the IQ of an Amoeba on Crack. Seriously? what planet are you on?

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  2. Try this: Lose weight and record your journey onto a YouTube channel. When you get to 80 Kilos contact me and I will personally help you create a course showing how you did it. I will build a website and create a business for you out of it. I will take 50% share. FYI People would pay me $20K just to write the sales copy.

    If you do your part - I will do mine and You will create a lot of money in the process.

  3. There really are some spineless people in the world. "Don't get involved if you see a woman being beaten half to death - they might hurt you"

    Besides.. you might have to 'waddle' off your bar stool and who knows if your knees can take the strain of all that fat you carry around inside your head?

    I hope you remember that if god-forbid a westerner see's YOUR wife or YOUR Daughter being beaten half to death by some drunk or angry Thai guy and they just 'don't get involved' it is because they were just like you.

    OK thats all. Nothing more to see here you can crawl back under your rock now...

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  4. After 14 years full-time working from home on the Internet I strongly suggest... Get a Mac! The latest has a 12 hour battery. You wont be plagued with viruses, key loggers, trogons, the dreaded blue screen of death etc and it won't break down all the time.

    I got my first Mac in Pattaya about 3 years ago - it is till a workhorse - never had any pc laptop last that long! I would never, never, never go back to a pc - especially as you can now get something like parallel and run Windows if you really need to. Save yourself money, time and stress in the long run - get a Mac :-)

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  5. Drop the prices Mr.Apple, thats why android is in the game, its cheap and sort of does the job...giggle.gif

    Apple is a company that makes both the hardware and the operating systems. Android is an operating system running on a multitude of devices. Comparing a small family of Apple devices with cheaper Android-capable devices on price alone is ignorant at best.

    A different and perhaps more realistic way of seeing market share: http://techpinions.com/androids-market-share-is-literally-a-joke/16709

    Utterly brilliant article. Thanks for sharing!

  6. One day its chickens and the next day it might be a child.

    I love dogs, but I hate owners that cannot control them.

    Fence your yard up, pay the neighbor for every chicken your dog kills, plus interest and start behaving responsible. You know what you need to do !

    If I was your neighbor, I would already have fixed the chicken killing issue... They just may take that action soon, so be prepared for what happens and understand why it happened.

    As you said and some posters have missed it... Your dogs are in their land now....

    I am often gobsmacked at some of the posts in this forum but this one really take the cake - as the poster above clearly and wisely has pointed out it is YOUR responsibility.

    In life people do one of three things:

    1. They lay Blame

    2. They Justify

    3. They Take Responsibility

    I strongly suggest that it is time you start to do the latter.

    What on earth makes you think you have the right to let your dog roam free when it is doing this?

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  7. I suggest you start now and learn how to sell information products online You can even outsource lots of the work to the Philippines.

    I honestly believe a 'drovers dog' could learn how to make money online IF they are focused and disciplined [Two important character traits that most Singaporeans I have met seem to have by the bucketload]

    That said - get her to Singapore. Money cannot buy you love but poverty can test the strongest of bonds. She will love Singapore. Good luck to you both.

  8. If the landlady hasn't been paying her tax on the rental income (common in Thailand), reporting the unpaid rent to a government agency may not be worth her while. The tax man can ask for back taxes over many years.

    She many not have the option of reporting your debt.


    That's a good point, and one more in favour of my approaching her early on playing it straight out to negotiate her letting me exit more or less gracefully.

    But others are telling me via PM that's a stupid idea and I should do my best to just disappear when all my ducks are lined up, even if I have to pay another month's rent before leaving.

    Thanks very much for your thoughtful and constructive input.

    Note (again and again for those who insist on thinking the worst) none of this has anything to do with running out on the debt itself, just the practical strategies required to enable me to be able to pay it off - and obviously get back to being self-sufficient supporting my family properly - as soon as possible.

    Any sympathy I had for you is now gone.

    The fact that you even acknowledged the taxation issue as a negotiating tool shows me that you really have no respect for a Thai landlady that has extended credit for you and your family. You owe her. Pay her.

    The solution is not complex. Get home. Get 3 jobs. Live in your Mum's spare room and eat noodles until you have paid everyone back, including your ex-Thai wife who is literally mortgaging the rice farm for you to fly home.

    You made bad decisions and seem to want to continue that trend. Your questions project your intent.

    Say what you want, but I think you will get home and stiff everyone. That's just the vibe I get from you.

    I truly feel sad for your kids and your ex-wife. They deserve better...put it right.

    I couldn't have said this better myself. I agree 100%

  9. As a father of 5 I am utterly astounded that you have a child that has a dry nappy 3 days in and you have not booked him into a decent hospital. Dehydration can be fatal. A forum is NOT the place to seek medical advice. Please take your child to hospital. As for the utterly idiotic advice that "A mother will always know when something is wrong' - Sure that is why people go through 6 years of medical school right?

    Get your child to hospital!

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