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  1. If per the article he is truly a Thai citizen, as it appears he states then they cannot deport him, and if they do it is a violation of international human rights......PTP democracy in action again it seems

    If his birth certificate states he was born out side of Thailand and he has never bothered to be granted Thai citizenship, Surprise he is a Farang, and has no right to become involved in a violent political conflict and defy the laws of your host country!

    That my friend is the law of the Thai nation, for all of us Farangs and if we do not want to be kicked out of the country we best abide by the law, which he failed to do! I hope he closes the door on the way out!


    He is not a farang, he is from India

    The so called correct term would be kaek

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    are you from Isan ? We are discussing it in an English forum Sir

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  2. Sad. There was a big article on him in the Bangkok Post a few days back where it talked about how his family came to Thailand, how they built up the businesses, he became a respected member of the community, did good works for charity etc. If this was America everyone would say that he is representative of what makes America great, he is the living embodiment of The American Dream, proof that anyone can make it there through hard work and dedication. Sadly this is Thailand and there is no democracy here, only Taksinocracy that says dissenters must be punished. By the sounds of it he is a real stand up guy and his only 'crime' is taking a stand against a corrupt government made up of criminals and gangsters, he did the right thing and he will suffer for it. This is a sad day for Thailand.

    I couldn't agree more. His only crime is being a person of integrity who saw the tyranny in his adopted homeland go beyond tolerable and decided to take a stand.

    This is pure vindictive harassment and intimidation and reflects on the immature and bullying nature of those behind what Thai's call "slaughter the chicken for the monkey to see" or roughly translated as "since he's a high profile non-citizen we'll make an example of him to foreigners to stay out of our business".

    I smell Chalerm and Surapong behind this.

    We are foreigners in this country. Person on integrity? Let him fix India (his own country) first before he want to judge Thailand. Between India and Thailand I prefer Thailand first. Bangkok might be a mess now but thanks god Thailand is not only made of Bangkok as it only has a population of around 10% of Thailand so we still have 90% that live outside of Bangkok. Bangkok is peanut for the Kingdom of Thailand.

    Errmm, is this thread about your preferences of countries Sir? Please try to stick to the topic.

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