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  1. Pretty amazing how strong and efficient this virus is. China for sure has improved their product quality control and you can no longer say things “Made in China” are bad quality.
  2. Well spending the money on that, will for sure not remove the food-lines with poor people. Wonder what would really be best for tourism?
  3. Who wants to go a place where you can get arrested for having a glass of wine with your steak dinner and have to go to bed at 9pm because everything is closed? There are Muslim countries more holiday-friendly than Thailand right now..
  4. The private schools problems are due to greed and the inability to downsize and adapt financially to the pandemic situation. My sons private school provided awful online classes and demanded full payment. They even had us pay for summer school upfront, then canceled and did not refund. When you provide less service and expect the same payment, parents will of course unregister their kids. Other private schools have been smart, by lowering their costs and providing fair discounts to the parents. I do not feel sorry for any of the closed schools. They
  5. If me I would just forget about it and get on with life… From my experience you only get into more trouble every time you try to do the right thing here. They always find a way.
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