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  1. My girlfriend has a pig farm in Isaan. She can accommodate 100 pigs but she prefers buy 50 at a time. She would like to expand her business, building another shelter to house another 100 pigs (total 200) I've asked for her business figures, expenses/outgoings etc but she is vague, saying pig food cost 75000 Baht every month or so, vaccinations for each pig etc., she then sells the piglets once they grow up 100kg. Anyone out there involved with pig farming or similar? Can reply with figures for such a business? Cheers
  2. I'm back to normal, 100% Looking forward to my 2nd jab next month
  3. A few days ago I was at Rattanakorn market on Theprasit, I bought 4.5kg of dragon fruit from the 1st vendor on the right as you ride in the building (opposite temperature test station on the left). The dragon fruit weighed over the weight on their digital scales by 0.75kg as I weighed them when I got home 3.75kg. It's not a big deal just thought I'd pass this on to other members. Just out of curiosity I weighed 4kg of mangoes I bought from another vendor, it weighed spot on 4kg.
  4. I got my 1st Pfizer shot a week ago, I've been waking everyday with a mild head ache. My arm was sore for 3 days where the needle penetrated. Anyone else with issues?
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