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  1. Many thanks for this, most informative and food for thought! Similar to where I lived previously (Paraguay). However, motor insurance was optional there.
  2. Agree! Thai police have been very fair in my experience. My Thai neice (car driver) collided with a Thai girl (moto rider). Neither had driving/riding licences or insurance. The girl moto rider was actually at fault by undertaking whilst my neice was making a left turn. The girl sustained cuts and bruises only. Policeman was a family friend but he nevertheless applied the 'most valuable vehicle pays rationale'. My neice was ordered to pay for moto repairs plus compensation for injuries. Surprisingly, the injured girl only asked for 1,000 baht. We never saw any hospital bill so assume the Thai
  3. This is on VietJet website, unfortunately in Thai; https://www.moicovid.com/ข้อมูลสำคัญ-จังหวัด/
  4. Thanks for this. Valuable information for others! I understood that hospital treatment for injuries arising from RTA's (Road Traffic Accidents) is billed to the patient as it should be covered by motor insurance/police order. Did you have sight of any such bill for the older man's treatment? Sounds as if your insurance rep wouldn't have agreed for it to be paid out of your policy. Possibly the Thai National Health Service footed the bill in the end?
  5. Try a different dentist. A General dentist told me filling was not possible, only options were extraction or root canal, post and crown (estimated 14,000 baht). She didn't do root canals so referred me to a specialist friend in the next town. He decided a filling was possible and that was what I had, total cost 1,200 baht.
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