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  1. My friend has passed on this info to me:- This problem started about 4 months ago. So I dismissed allergies. What I considered most and she informed the Doctor was ,that this problem started about 2 weeks after she recovered from Dengue Fever, but seems to have been dismissed by the Doctor. They never tested her blood, I had to ask the Hospital for a CATSCAN, which according to the Pyathai Siracha hospital revealed nothing irregular. I have arranged for her to take her medical file and prescribed medicine to see a neurologist Dr Sith Sathorn Sumetee on the 25th this month.
  2. lelapin


    I am looking to buy turmeric with black pepper tablets. Bought my last lot from Lazada but they are no longer available. Any ideas.
  3. It appears that her blood pressure was normal at her last hospital visit.
  4. I will check and get back to you.
  5. Have you considered opening a Bangkok Bank Sterling account. Transferring the money in sterling costs me twenty pounds from my Nationwide account. I then convert to baht here as and when I need it or when the rate is good.
  6. A friend's wife has been suffering for a while with severe headaches and nose bleed and although having visited a couple of hospitals, her condition is getting worse. Can anyone recommend a Dr. in Bangkok who is a specialist with this type of problem.
  7. I have superglued my suction cup to window and it has not fallen off windscreen now for 6 months.
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