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  1. UPDATE - Well thanks for the advice all of which was carefully considered. In the event, finding containers, syphoning off 70 litres of diesel, in a condo car park didn't appeal to me. I had to charge battery, charged it all day, left it off the charger overnight, tested again and it had held most of the charge. Connected it up. Checked for obvious signs of vermin habitation, couldn't find any, possibly because it is condo parking, walled all around and people come and go all the time. Turned on the ignition and left for a minute before trying to start. Fired up first turn. I did observ
  2. I'm not a mechanic and would like some guidance. we left my Mazda BT50 December 2019 to return to UK for three months. 20 months later we are in quarantine in Bangkok and will get to the truck toward the end of the month. I left it covered (that will be destroyed by now) an additional 10 lb psi in the tyres, a full tank of diesel and the battery disconnected. Battery is a now 2 1/2 years old so may need renewing. My question is, other than getting the battery charged or renewed, should I do anything else before trying to start it? Thank you in advance for any guidance received
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