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  1. Age, Nationality, medical conditions and what color shirt you are wearing today is a smoke screen for the total failure to secure enough quality vaccines 6 months ago. Just need the clown cars and popcorn to watch the big tent burn down!
  2. 3 months to hit the peak! Almost 3 months to return to acceptable low numbers. See you next year Thailand, praying for you!
  3. I think one being parked in front of the aircraft carrier and one behind it would make a better sightseeing attraction.
  4. So in the past one could go down to the US and other embassies and get a letter of income verification. Thai government wanted the embassies to "grantee" that amount to be correct. Embassies pushed back and so a few years ago there was a change; immigration no longer accepted income verification letters. Had to put real money in a Thai bank. Not sure how now they are going to accept anything as proof of income. Land of confusion!
  5. Because you can prove anything with statistics except the truth, so they are leaving their options open, LOL
  6. Don't worry there will be 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,901 more visitors to the Kingdom by end of the week, all is good, trust our math!
  7. No vaccine of any quality or volume coming anytime soon. Delays, delays and more delays of any serious plan of action. This will be months and months before this gets under control. The economic impact is compounding at a faster rate due to the length Thailand has being shut down. Short term measures as in loans and credit cards are gone. Prayers!
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