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  1. Only by the grace of the CCP, Herd immunity achieved in only 8 weeks and 2 millions deaths..
  2. Thais have never seen snow and ice, they would love it.
  3. Low price mass marketing tourism is what Thailand is all about. I come to Thailand 3 months a year because I found Thailand to be a good value.
  4. Massive unemployment due to covid lockdown and no western style government benefit.
  5. Go visit Taiwan after this covid is finally over, you will find them to be very westernized. Many of their leaders are western educated.
  6. Half the world population can't afford American mRNA vaccines, some people don't know how blessed they are.
  7. When the infection rate goes way up, dictator Xi will place all the restrictions back up. The ordinary Chinese have no access to uptodate medicines like us. The ordinary chinese will go back to hiding due to the fears of big doctor bills. God only blessed the citizens of wealthy technologically advanced countries.
  8. I do not eat any seafood when I am in Chiang Mai, formalin is much cheaper then refrigerated trucks. I always wonder how they keep the mussels fresh in Chiang Mai's Warorot market.
  9. Citizens of low income underdeveloped countries are still suffering and dying from it. God only blessed citizens of wealthy technologically advanced countries.
  10. Frogs taste good, but too many little bones. I only eat the big big ones. Sometimes frog legs remind me of fashion models' long legs.
  11. I will use it with conjunction of snake oil.
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