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  1. Troll post reported and removed.
  2. Homophobic posts and replies have been removed. Continue and face a suspension. Please feel free to report members who do.
  3. An unhelpful, troll post has been reported and removed. People have varying reasons for wanting a particular vaccine. Sometimes it is because of health concerns. Please keep the discussion civil and on topic.
  4. True and another problem is that immunity to the flu is usually residual, meaning if you had it one year, some protection remains into the next year, even if it is a different strain of flu. That means either you don't get it or you don't get as sick from it. With the flu largely absent, many people have now lost their immunity to it and unless the vaccine combination targets the right strains, and people get vaccinated, it could be a bad flu year. It was noted that people who had an influenza vaccine were less likely to get Covid. The reasons are unknown, but they speculated that it a
  5. It's not a good idea to compare the flu to covid. They are two entirely different classes of viruses and they behave differently. That said, they are both viruses and they do have plenty in common. The biggest difference is that influenza is seasonal. That gives countries a respite each year. Covid really hasn't given much of a break although it does come and go in waves. Influenza viruses, including the Spanish Flu, still exist, but in mutated forms. There are three major types of influenza, A, B and C. When various types of flu infect a host animal and come in contact with
  6. I will never view a medical provider wearing gloves the same.
  7. A post containing false or misleading information has been removed along with a baiting post.
  8. Posts containing false or misleading information removed.
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