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  1. My understanding is that it's largely private hospitals that are being hurt, not government ones. In any case, it's often the case that the patient must pay the hospital, then try to reclaim later from the insurance company. The patient therefore still has an incentive to do a moonlight flit.
  2. Au contraire. However, Operation Sealion was only planned (1940) after the UK had started hostilities against Germany (1939). Had Churchill not been a blood-thirsty warmonger there would have been no Operation Sealion.
  3. I don't know your nationality, but if you're British or American there never was any real prospect of being invaded by the Nazis. Hitler only wanted some living room (lebensraum) for the German people. He highly respected the British and (until Britain entered the war) no animosity towards the country. And America was simply too far away.
  4. So a "major war" is only "major" if it kills (I presume white) Americans and western Europeans? And if a war doesn't do so it's a "pointless war"? Personally, I think all wars are pointless. Anyway, interesting perspective.
  5. Is this the same United Kingdom that had 52,000 new cases yesterday, 115 deaths? By what possible criteria can the UK be considered "low risk"?
  6. So, what do you call the Gulf War? Somali Civil War? Kosovo War? Vietnam war? Korean War? Ethiopian Civil War? War in Darfur? Syrian Civil War? All minor tiffs? To declare no major war is to suggest either a lack of historical knowledge, or an incurable pollyannaism.
  7. Not sure that's right. When I tried to click "postal delivery" yesterday it wasn't available as an option. Only "self pickup" works (two locations). This has been reported elsewhere. And today, the whole "international certificate" part of the app isn't working.
  8. Non-immigrant B extension of stay.
  9. Just gone to the covid19.tgia.org site to get a quotation for a year's insurance. A few observations: - There's no option for between 180 days and 1 year - They don't take into account whether you're fully vaccinated or not - They don't take into account one's age. A fully vaccinated, healthy young person is far less an underwriting risk than an unvaccinated elderly one, but the premium is the same. Oh, and the cost: an outrageous 43,200 baht. This seems more like a scheme to make Thai insurance company owners wealthy than anything el
  10. You may have a nasty surprise if the new rules are anything like the sandbox rules. Under the latter you have to have been in the country of departure (in your case the UK) for 3 weeks, otherwise you'll be in for the full (and expensive) ASQ experience.
  11. Unless you had an MRI, you would not know your level of internal fat in the key organs, the pancreas liver. It is thought that with a VLCD fat is burned from these organs. With a less extreme diet fat may be taken primarily from elsewhere in the body, such as the abdomen.
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