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  1. I thought I'd make a chicken massaman curry and got a recipe from the Big C website. Some of the instructions, however, are a bit perplexing: "Add coconut milk to the tail. Then dim the light to lighten And then continue to simmer Until the chicken thighs are rotting" "you need an omelet to scoop Massaman water" I'm also a bit perplexed by fennel leaves as an ingredient. Definitely a recipe to keep if you're a keen cook. https://www.bigc.co.th/blog/en/make-massaman-curry-with-chicken-soft-sweet-mellow/
  2. I'm pretty sure they do. They will have been taught in school when learning to write, and Thai teachers are very strict about handwriting. Whether they actually apply it when posting on Facebook, probably not.
  3. Because that's the rule. Space before ๆ, no space before ฯ. See, for example, http://www.thai-language.com/ref/spacing
  4. No. Starlink is not available here. (At least, I put a Bangkok address into their website and it said "Starlink is not yet available in your area".)
  5. (1) Swissquote (in part formerly Internaxx) continues to charge custody fees, making it relatively expensive. (2) It doesn't make sense in any case holding US dividend paying stocks/ETFs given the non-resident withholding tax. (3) In practical terms, mutual funds are not available through the likes of IBKR for foreigners. (A tiny range is available if you're prepared to leap through hoops, and only with one fund provider.)
  6. Possibly the paper I linked to earlier in this topic? http://www.manusya.journals.chula.ac.th/files/essay/Phanintra_p.34-44.pdf
  7. Foursquare has 7 of them. https://www.4sqstat.com/bangkok?category_id=52e81612bcbc57f1066b7a03
  8. I don't. It has the high tone rising from the start and falling at the end. I believe this to be incorrect. I would rate a chart backed by sound academic research over one by Evan Winget (who he?)
  9. Minimum age for an IBKR account is 18. I suspect E*TRADE will be the same.
  10. Yes, and with over 4000 posts I know that links to The B*****k P**t are not permitted.
  11. High. It varies from fund to fund, so you'd need to check out any individual fund you're interested in. In any case, far higher than in more competitive markets.
  12. It has been reported in the press that the official ruling is that people two rows in front to two rows behind have to be quarantined. However, the government is considering reducing this.
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