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  1. 1 Yes 2 Yes 3 No idea but I don't see why it would differ Get the ball rolling now: https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/regis/step?language=en
  2. He was just cracking a joke ... which wouldn't work if he had left "without" in.
  3. I'd hate see your definition of "dirty" if he is your definition of "clean". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuan_Leekpai
  4. Try it chilled once, you might like it. There was a time that could almost lead to fisticuffs , now I don't mind (personally not much of a beer drinker anyway, 3 or 4 Singha before moving onto spirits, but if having a tall bottle with lunch or dinner in an outdoor setting for instance I have gotten used to the ice thing).
  5. Have you tried them chilled? Not suggesting that you do, but have bumped into a few that stick to the "room temperature" myth; which can lead to a less than pleasant experience. https://www.decanter.com/learn/red-wine-serving-temperature-420885/
  6. They've never been open.
  7. "Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok stops operating as ASQ starting from 1 July 2021" https://thaiest.com/bookings/asq/courtyard-by-marriott-bangkok
  8. Depends on the Embassy, can range from within an hour to weeks (some embassies holding off on issuing those far in advance applications).
  9. Not when brushing teeth (and rinsing) no, straight from the tap.
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