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  1. Correct, although can't say I remember any reports of this ever happening at a land border. The issue with that rule is airlines may well refuse boarding (as they are responsible for removing you if refused entry). In those cases an option is to buy (or have it all setup on your phone to buy if challenged - "booking confirmation" is emailed within minutes) a throwaway/fake ticket for around US$12-15 from one of the many places that sell them such as: https://onward.flights/ https://bestonwardticket.com/ https://onwardticket.com/ https://onewayfly.com/ etc. It is a legitimate flight for all intents and purposes other than obviously you can't fly i.e. if someone checks on the system it will show as a genuine booking - which is likely the reason you don't hear about it at land crossings, I doubt they have the capability to check flight bookings like airlines have.
  2. Yep, an iconic phone for sure. Resurrected in 2018 (?) with a more rounded version around 2022, still available with a massive 31 day standby time! https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_int/nokia-3310?sku=A00028228
  3. Mines going to be heading to a recycling box next time I'm out. I actually used it for years even after I got a company phone (way bigger so just used the SIM in my Nokia) until I managed to swing a Sony Xperia Z from work (the fact it was waterproof in the shower swung it 555). Still remember the bar owner at my "local" in Bangkok totally freaking out after one of the girls spilled a beer on it on the bar, I thought she was going to have a heart attack when I grabbed it and leaned over to wash it under a running tap! Lost it on another trip to Thailand, extremely pissed off as I ended up in KL for four days on the way back without contact details of friends there. Was still in mourning about losing years of contact details when work eventually replaced it (another Z) and was ecstatic to find out that as it was a company phone they'd synched contacts with Outlook; they didn't actually tell us that but not long after firing it up my contacts all appeared (soon changed the settings as some of the nicknames I used may not have been "work safe" nor did I appreciate, after the joy wore off, the invasion of privacy).
  4. We got it roughly around the same time. I hated them originally, vowed never to get one, but I got a freebie and the rest is history. In fact ... yep, still got it (I really need to get around to cleaning out my "just in case" bits and bobs drawer 555). Can't remember when I changed the cover to black though, always preferred the red. Miss the size of it to be honest.
  5. Many moons ago I was chilling in a peaceful café on the shores of Lake Geneva relaxing with a coffee and a delicious pastry and drinking in the view when some <deleted> pulled out his phone from a briefcase (similar to the brick in the OP pic with the ariel you had to pull out) and started chatting loudly, obviously trying to impress the patrons (based on the way he was looking around and the smug look on his face) but just pissing us off ... until it actually rang, startled the crap out of him and he very quickly sheepishly legged it to the counter to pay and leave as the rest of the patrons pissed ourselves laughing 555
  6. I wouldn't bother as it's <deleted>. The judge never worked for the VP nor her step-daughter who is only 23. The judge's daughter has been involved in left-leaning campaigns, including some work on the VP's campaign.
  7. There is: https://www.dss.gov.au/about-the-department/international/international-social-security-agreements/current-international-social-security-agreements/australia-and-hellenic-republic-greece-frequently-asked-questions Which is ironic weird given, from memory, Greeks where one of the reason the rules changed (or at least a lot of finger pointing, lots of bitching about Greeks heading back to Greece to live after getting the pension in the media back then, why the hell shouldn't they if they wanted to was my opinion then and now).
  8. Actions have consequences, join the secret service, stand outside a cell for a couple of years ????
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