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  1. Try Ctrl + Alt + the Up arrow.
  2. Is now, the list of countries actually published is blown out to 46.
  3. Be pretty hard to miss the colour scheme they've gone with I would imagine. Pretty ugly facade IMO but it will do the job.
  4. Cool, I figured from their spiel they weren't new to the game and the wine drinkers here would have bumped into them. I reckon they popped up in my feed as that ubiquitous spy saw me looking at a wine fridge for sale in FB marketplace 555
  5. I wouldn't worry about it. Depending on the Embassy they've been holding off on final COE until closer to the flight - less hassle if something changes e.g. if tomorrow you change your flight to say 27 Oct you would need to get a new COE if they had already finalised it. It would be nice of them to communicate that policy instead of leaving people hanging but ...
  6. Not much of a wine drinker but just had this mob pop up in a feed. Perhaps of use (can't say I remember seeing the name on here but can't say it would have stuck if I did)? VinesToVino Pattaya NEW head office is now open on Thepprasit Road. While our main business is supplying Hotels/Restaurants, we are open to the public: Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-14:00 (closed Sunday & Monday) We have our own exclusive ranges which cannot be bought in Supermarkets and Shops. https://www.vinestovino.com Looks like they deliver (minimum 12 bottles). Example of some
  7. Can't say I disagree with your points ... don't forget the sexual discrimination too. My comment had nothing to do with that though; more taking the mickey out of the person I quoted (bit rich wanting to throw those on Non O under the bus just because it didn't work out for those on O-A). IMO the only upside to an O-A is to get basically 2 years out of it without having to deposit money in a Thai bank. I see no reason to use it for extensions (obviously Covid more than likely screwed up a lot of people that where using it for 2 years then getting another one and some got stuck on a
  8. Thanks for confirming, was pretty sure but like I said, not a Brit so couldn't be 100% as not a page I've perused that often.
  9. Yes, but it was claimed earlier that this was only for the visa not extensions (similar to the initial 40/400K).
  10. Yes, still there under the general guidelines too. No doubt it will become clear in good Thai time 555
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