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  1. Probably wishful thinking. If all Thai girls are the victim of abuse from a young age, then what he does (or wants to do) carries less guilt for him.
  2. I don't agree. If a 15 year old girl knows how to have sex, understands what it is, feels like it's OK and says she has no problem with being a prositute, it's still illegal. Besides, the girls in this case are being forced into doing it
  3. Can't help wondering if this is fake. Also that someone who actually replied above is the one who wrote it. 🤔
  4. It's shocking enough that this needs to be pointed out, even more shocking that someone would disagree with this statement. 1, The girls are not old enough to consent, so what they "know" doesn't matter and, 2, just because someone is mentally aware of what they are doing, doesn't mean they are in a position to make a rational choice that does not harm them. That's what the "age of consent" is for, because even if they're willing we say they are not allowed for their own protection.
  5. The point is that this is predators exploiting desperate young people who wanted to help their sick relatives. They first get them to take out loans with insane daily interest, that they can likely never pay off (presumably they lied or misled them about this), then they say the only way out is to work off the debt as prostitutes. It's essentially slavery. They're basically vulnerable young people being exploited and forced into prostitution against their will. This isn't some girl who could work in a factory or a 7-11 and get by, but chooses to work in Pattaya so she can party and buy nice things.
  6. "Thai people are just so kind and lovely. Not like people back home."
  7. Can you expand on this? While Thai men can be very assertive and straight to the point when it comes to women (and may even harass, assault or cheat on them), they are pretty not confrontational and feminine a lot of the time. They prefer gentle sweet talk, as do Thai women. I don't think you have your facts straight.
  8. It's not like it unaffordable, but it's the principle.
  9. I guess we know where Margaret Thatcher's ghost went... 😬
  10. That's simply your opinion. Another opinion is that they view these people as women and they are therefore not gay.
  11. If it is evident, where is the evidence? Sounds like he just lost his sh*t when his mates started to tease him.
  12. Because it isn't unique to Thailand and doesn't even originate there.
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