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  1. Just because it happens, doesn't mean one cannot disapprove or voice objections, should you think it a negative thing. Complete acceptance, simply because it happens, could easily lead to a drastic increase, a more casual approach and perhaps sex at an even younger age.
  2. I'm curious, how would you feel if you were talking about a daughter, with a steady stream of boyfriends from the age of 16, helping her to get through her industrial sized boxes of condoms?
  3. Natural doesn't mean good for society/positive outcomes/desired by everyone though, to be fair.
  4. She's possibly slightly more attractive than miss Thailand, but I thought that one of the Thai runner ups was better looking than both of them.
  5. Hmmm... those sound like subjective opinions. That's one subjective opinion that appears to be being put forward. Not really, that's your subjective opinion. Opinions on appearance are generally subjective. What one person finds hideous, another might find attractive, because they are subjective judgments.
  6. You could say that the fact that someone has two eyes, or that their hair is brown is objective, sure. No, your subjective opinion is that she is attractive. I think she is unattractive, you think she is attractive, another user thinks she is hideous. These are all subjective opinions. 1. based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. Sure, that's not factual, it's a a subjective opinion, like yours and mine.
  7. Appearance is really subjective. You can't say someone is objectively not hideous, that's not how objective judgements work.
  8. Not really. "Nice car", "nice face", and so on. Why? Who cares? There are no prerequisites for making a comment about someone's appearance. Outside of your head, of course. The comments against the people critiquing the woman's appearance sound a lot more bitter, to be honest.
  9. Interesting opinion. Is there some sort of requirement to pass comment on someone's appearance? You feel you have to specifically be at their exact level or above to have an opinion? Does that transfer to other areas of your life? Do you only discuss cars that you can afford to buy? Only discuss a work of art that you could paint yourself? Only discuss sport if you can play at professional level? Or perhaps you think it's inappropriate to discuss the appearance of contestants in a competition based primarily on their appearance?
  10. It's true. Third from the left helps me get through the day...
  11. You shouldn't assume that everyone here is in the same situation as you.
  12. I don't have all day, so this is probably the best I could find in a quick search. (And this is purely for the purposes of this discussion. I'm not one to be "pwhoooor, check out the legs on that", etc..) Third from the right has a mild case. Basically from butt to knee the leg is very straight and skinny, possibly with a slight bulge at the knee. Personally, I find something a little more muscular and curved/tapered attractive.
  13. She's got those drain pipe Thai legs which seem to be accentuate by this costume.
  14. I assume they mean that if people drink beer in the same way as they would at a restaurant, rather than at a bar or a nightclub, they pose less risk of spreading covid as they will not be quite as close and will not be mingling between friend groups. Imagine the difference you would see between groups of friends sitting at separate tables and a whole room full of people lumped together dancing on a dance floor. While it will still be more high risk than everyone staying at home, it is clearly still less of a risk than a full on bar or night club experience. So it's rea
  15. Thank you. I may or may not watch it, but it's good to at least get a bit of background info before making the choice. Possibly a similar encounter to the pest control chap in the hotel corridor. Police convincing themselves that not following an order is a direct physical threat, no matter how vague or confusing the order.
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