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  1. They come in a well sealed bag. Once opened I store the whole beans in a purpose designed stainless steel coffee container. I don’t refrigerator or freeze so no opinion on that. You're not going to get the optimal from pre ground beans though.
  2. Well these beans are freshly roasted and green beans last a very long time so I really don't think so.
  3. I wonder how this works as a long term business tactic assuming a vendor has an excellent product. So a big sale means more people are exposed to it for the first time. But whats the conversion rate of people actually willing to pay the regular price? Personally I'll probably just buy it for special times.
  4. I reckon some do and some don't. I've personally met some massively wealthy people are some of them are surprisingly frugal. They may spend a lot on some things but they still demand good value.
  5. Lured by a 2 for 1 promotion I bought some Aroi Special.AA+ beans (whole bean, medium roast) from Aroi Coffee in Chiang Mai. Shipped promptly. Ground at home coarse with a burr grinder and brewed in a French press. OMG. So good! I'm spoiled now. Their normal price are more than I like to pay for beans though. Anyway this is presumably a time limited offer. https://aroi-thailand.com/product/aroi-special-coffee-aa/ I have no association with this business.
  6. Hard to say but surely many are wine lovers and just because they're rich doesn't mean they appreciate bring gouged.
  7. You're Jewish friend? Seriously? What's his name? Shlomo Imaginary? Not sure why you felt the need to inject ethnic stereotypes into this topic.
  8. Retired expats indeed are compelled to regularly deal with the Thai IMMIGRATION office to keep our defined TEMPORARY stays based on NON IMMIGRANT visas street legal. The fact that we do deal with immigration authorities in no way proves that we are immigrants.
  9. Another way to look at this. If you're not vaccinated, eventually pretty much every unvaccinated person will be infected with this virus in Delta stage, and if you're not vaccinated, you're much more likely to be hospitalized or die. Society trying to limit the speed of the rate of infection of the unvaccinated is a way of not overwhelming hospitals (so that people with other conditions can be treated). Also making access barriers for the unvaccinated serves as an incentive for them to get vaccinated, that is short of a mandate. The more unvaccinated people there are, the
  10. I think the real issue is the fear that the current program will be phased out or even exploded as Malaysia did. Normal program retired expats -- Thailand is just not that into you.
  11. Incorrect. Retired expats in Thailand that identify as immigrants are delusional.
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