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  1. There is of course nowhere cheaper than post office, but 1800 thb is EMS, you can send it by standard airmail, it's as reliable as EMS and sometimes faster !
  2. Thank you ! and if I wanted to try a second plantation outdoor, I guess that I should get some Thai seeds ? do you know any more reliable ? or would you try some indoor seeds to grow outdoor ? or no chance at all ? (by outdoor I mean a green house with sliding roof to get plenty of sun, but no rain) Thanks again, you are the greatest !
  3. hi, where do you buy your seeds ? any place cheaper for the same quality ? what kind of seeds have you bought that you can recommend ? thank you
  4. Where do you get the best seed for the price please ? I guess that we can only trust seeds from EU or US ? anybody has good results with Thai seeds ?
  5. the only truth even when some people keep arguing stupidly...
  6. not some people, MOST people overeat carbs and then eat to much calories daily. I am bot sure if you are really not able to understand or if you play dumb, but it's so obvious or anybody that the easiest thing to cut to lose weight or stop getting more are CARBS, but if you still believe in your "different" ideas, keep doing...
  7. So funny if you really do not understand that you are concerned only if you opened your Paypal account with a Thai address, which is so stupid from the start. A paypal account should be opened with the address registered on your passport. Anybody who opened a Paypal account abroad, I mean anybody smart, is not concerned by this.
  8. Not complicated, but their article is idiot. The easiest is to use sulfur and/or vinegar or naphtalene.
  9. if you think that people here will know anything about car wash... just pass your way. NOBODY in the world who really respects its cars will use a car wash, and especially not in Thailand. I used from the most expensive to cheaper, for 2 German cars, and they finally all end up with swirls. And people who will tell you that it's not trued just drive a $hit toyota and/or know nothing. Trust me, I tried it for you !
  10. Commonsense as when buying coconuts on the beach? Don't go there, you could be cheated !!!!
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