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  1. Had COVID right at the start, wasn't any worse than flu for me. Was slightly worse for my woman, not as bad for my son, no symptoms for my daughter.
  2. COVID vaccine appears to be partially ineffective as the UK and Israel are mostly vaccinated but still having record infections. If the vaccine worked effectively COVID would be as dead as Polio and Smallpox. The pro-vax answer is to have boosters, but I'm wondering how often ...... 4x a year forever? And how many COVID shots do I need to have before I'm not an anti-vaxxer? I had COVID vaccination as soon as it was locally available, 1 so far, another in 2 weeks. Will that be enough for you?
  3. That doesn't appear to be the case with your posts on this forum.
  4. Let me repeat my question ......... How many of the current vaccines and boosters will I need to take before you're happy? If I take the two on offer, will that satisfy you, or will you start calling me an 'anti-booster'.
  5. Stick with the Thai spelling you've been given, use it for all your documents. There are no easy equivalents for many western names.
  6. Marxist here. Not so much an anti-vaxxer, but an ineffective vaccine rejecter. If COVID vaccine stopped you catching COVID I'd be more enthusiastic. How many of the current vaccines and boosters will I need to take before you're happy?
  7. Try charging 1 battery at a time. You might have a dead battery.
  8. Women do make false accusations of sexual misconduct for all sorts of reasons. But it appears you have unilaterally decided to do away with all the rules of evidence and justice, and just believe whatever a woman says.
  9. She says she was raped, 3 guys say they paid her for sex. Hard to see any provable outcome in this case.
  10. I don't need to ask myself anything, had COVID, it didn't harm me. COVID (the disease) is irrelevant to my life. COVID (the restrictions) is the only thing that affects me.
  11. Not me, I don't care who is vaccinated and who isn't. If you're vaccinated, you're safe, no need to worry about what anyone else is doing.
  12. That's because this seasons holidays have already been booked for other countries. Until there are NO HOOPS, nobody will be booking a holiday in Thailand next year either.
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