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  1. Why would their customers care? I tell 'em to shut up if they're being silly. Was lying in bed with my Thai GF (former) and she questioned me about my Brit wife's (30 years) orgasms ........ Her, "How often did your wife have an orgasm?" Me, "Once or twice" Her, "In a day, a week?" Me, "In the 30 years we were married"
  2. 2MBht per life .......... don't think the Thai government will consider that value for money.
  3. For lunch time out always Huay Tung Tao No.9 restaurant.
  4. A pal of mine went to a ladyboy bar (without realising) with me and spent the evening drinking Tequila. By the end of the evening he had passed out at the table, where I left him. Next morning he said, "Why didn't you warn me that drinking so much Tequila would give me such a sore bum next day, I'll never drink it again"
  5. Good luck finding one in Thailand. Better off asking on the internet IMHO, you'll get better answers than any Thai doctor can give you.
  6. No, I let her take what she wanted because I loved her. The only thing I refused her was my life.
  7. I don't believe that man can change climate in any significant way, it is what it is. White people aren't causing overpopulation, most western countries have shrinking populations. Food production is stagnating because the people who buy food don't need any more, and nobody is going to grow free food for the world's worthless.
  8. Not since Brexit ......... all the retired Brits are leaving. How long ago was this rubbish written?
  9. Locke and Key, 2 seasons released ........ Supernatural thriller about an old house with magical keys. Watched 4 episodes, quite enjoying it.
  10. Big inflation = devalued currency = more Baht for our western pensions. Our 30kbht UK pensions will soon become 50Kbht UK pensions.
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