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  1. I have sent money from Thailand with Wise just to test if it was possible. I don't recommend it as you cant send in THB and you will get a bad exchange rate. I paid in USD with a Thai debit card. Still struggling to set up international transfers with SCB.. Endless paperwork. I think i now have to print some documents and bring them to a branch for approval. Have not got around to do that yet. Tried the SCB app also which seemed straight forward, but it ended up being returned -the fee.. No idea what i did wrong.
  2. I tried this and got fined and stamped for a one day overstay. I was only over by 5 or 6 hours when i passed immigration. This was in 2017 at Phuket International.
  3. I got a volunteer visa last year. I left the country and came back on a re-entry permit. Zero problems. I also did TM30+ 90 day reports and got residence certificates issued in my local province. Never had any issues.
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