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  1. The paper factories and photocopy shops would not be happy with this news.
  2. Brake failure or Bangkok van driver trying to show off at the mountains. RIP the unlucky tourist.
  3. Finally this actually worked for me. I have not submitted any application for the past 1 year because the previous system didnt worked. Hopefully they will process mine this time.
  4. Actually regular diesel is B10, changed from B7 recently. The gov is trying to support the local palm industry by encouraging more palm content in diesel fuel and subsidies them to make B10 and B20 cheaper to help the palm industries. Most diesel trucks and European diesel don't support B10/B20. If your car is compatible with B10 then just use it since it's cheaper.
  5. All diesel sold are biofuels, B7 with 7% palm oil, b20 with 20%. Palm is actually more expensive per liter than pure diesel but the gov subsidies them all these while until it's not sustainable anymore.
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