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  1. You can buy my landscaped land on the sea front in Koh Lanta for that price, Bt.6M/rai for 2.5 rai, providing you buy the villa that sits on it as well. Considering, the second bridge is on it's way, that's cheap....
  2. A friend of mine just bought a hong in Lanta Noi for 58% of the asking price 2 years ago. Some owners are getting desperate, especially if there's a Khai Phat (spelling?) waiting in the wings for his money.
  3. Wait until after this high season, and maybe the next. There'll be lots of bargains around.
  4. What is a family price??
  5. We have in Koh Lanta. Why would Thais need a driving school to pass a test that doesn't require them to know how to drive! If you really want to fly in the face of tradition, start a refuse contracting company, and see if you can clean up the region "properly", with a street bin service, a proper 'dog proof' home wheelie bin refuse service, street cleaning and landscape maintenance service (particularly in Koh Lanta). The government are spending billions of baht on infrastructure projects, roads, airport and another bridge to Lanta Noi, so perhaps you could con
  6. There's a new place called "The Anchor Place" in Baan Hua Laem, on the East coast about 4 km South of Old Town. It's highlighted / tagged on Google Earth. Woody and Mimi are very pleasant hosts, tel. 0846-471-361, and can speak good English. They have a large artificial sandy beach up to their sea wall, so it's a sea front location. East coast Lanta is very peaceful and unspoilt, and Old Town is the nicest town on the island, where most local boat / island tours leave from Old Town pier, (check availability in these restrictive times).
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