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  1. The positive results will be high .. Only way the money will be made for the ASQ bookings and Fried rice meals for 10 days
  2. I’m not even gonna start commenting .. This story has to rank up there with Fairies and Hobgoblins … Wonder if they meant the 7-11 as access to clean water
  3. Nobody will turn up .. Maybe some TAT officials with family members and 27 tourists who escaped from one of those sandboxes hoping a bar was open 555555555555555
  4. This is how much of a joke this circus employs … The Europeanssre a lifeline to them but they haven’t got a clue.. They bite the hands that feed them
  5. If they think that people are gonna spend the money to look at 5000 temples then these people are living in cloud cuckoo land .. It’s famous for its nightlife with 5% going to see the unclean beaches
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