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  1. what is earned income? most income was earned at some point, how about: 1. Property rental income from a house overseas 2. Dividends from stocks and shares held overseas 3. Gifts from family members I guess the first two are "earned" but the last one is not?
  2. with the Samui + program flying in from overseas to Samui you need to be fully vaccinated. But what about if you are already in Thailand and you come from Surat Thani on the mainland by boat, do you need to be vaccinated before you can enter Samui?
  3. For 1 year extension for Non - O spouse visa... If going the 40k per month transferred into your account from a foreign overseas source for last 12 months method, are there any restrictions on where the money came from? Say you are not retired and have no pension, but say you have money overseas, your money, and you transfer in 40k each month for last 12 months does that satisfy the requirement?
  4. Do I need to get new passport? The details page looks normal and the visa I entered in on looks normal, some of the other pages have washed out stamps on them. Is there some way to know if I need a new passport? If I go to immigration can they say if my passport is okay for them to use?
  5. Thanks Joe for your ever useful wisdom and information.... So if I get a new passport and they "will put info about the visa you used to get the permit to stay you got from your visa in your new passport", I apply for a further 1 year extension in November?
  6. In my eyes it looks okay, but maybe the passport is void for some reason like the details page doesn't scan at immigration (do they even scan it or just manually enter details), so if it didnt scan then immigration cant use the passport, then have to make new passport, then visa is lost
  7. and come Novemeber I cannot extend for another year as I dont have a visa correct? Can I do Covid extensions even though technically I have no visa?
  8. Wife just put my passport through the washing machine. my visa probably is washed out and not usable. im on a Non O based on marriage, with a1 year extension permitted to stay until 22nd November 2021. 1) If I get a new passport I believe they won’t transfer my visa? 2) will they transfer my permission to stay? 3) come November I won’t be able to apply for another 1 yet extension if my visa is not transferred, correct? 4) I can’t get another Non-O visa with out leaving the country can I? 5) will I be able to go onto C
  9. interesting idea using the app on a phone, i will try that
  10. Using the online TM30 to file a tenants TM30. I fill in all the details correctly, but when I go and try and save the entry it always says theres a problem, it never states the problem and gives no hint as to what the problem is. Ive done this many times before for other tenants in the past, but recently the last two tenants at different houses we rent Ive encounted this problem. Has anyone else had a problem using the TM30 online? is there some issue that everyone is having and there is some fix, like using a different browser (im using chrome) or entering
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