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  1. Recently have been reading threads in Audio/Visual...... Based on some of the posts you make in threads I'm not surprised. Even in this thread you apologized to a poster for your abrupt manner. Chill pill in order.
  2. Back the truck up. I have plenty of money. I choose to be busy or otherwise. Yesterday watched couple of movies and also music concert. Excellent picture and zero delay. Did that by having my cell connected to condo wifi then TV from cell. I will take time looking at my future options. Thanks for previous assistance.
  3. Perhaps lost in translation. The problem of needing a statement is sometimes due to someone using "everyday account" for immigration. If someone is doing multiple transactions per month the they can be consolidated and hence transactions can be missed (not showing in bb). In that situation bank statements may be required.
  4. OP, you should make small deposit/withdrawal on day of application. You can do that at banks located at CW. Be aware SCB does not have branch there. You can also obtain bank letter at same time if suits you. TM30 not required but never hurts to take extra stuff. I would also take along most recent 90 report receipt (not required)
  5. OP, you won't have any trouble obtaining the 60day covid extension. Be aware that you are also entitled to a 60 day extension to visit wife.
  6. You cannot go back. Once your sucked into the 90 day blackhole of no success online, it's almost impossible to return from the underworld.. You could try in person report and plead your issue. Most likely greeted with "not my problem" look. You can resign to doing via mail.
  7. OP, the above is correct. Imm will most likely make you apply for the 30 day 'standard extension' after that you can apply for covid extension. That would have been same for visa exempt and tourist visa entry. Just tick box 1 or 2. Doesn't matter. BTW you did not need return flight for boarding pass. Any onward flight will do.
  8. So earlier today I spent time doing setup for tv. That required internet. Finally was able to use my cell as a hotspot for tv. With the cell being connected to condo wifi. Checked few things like watching music through internet. Worked perfect. Yes the next step will be sim with a data package however will wait on that for time being.
  9. Will PM you some thoughts later. PM as rentals bit off topic.
  10. Someone might suggest organize it from Oz. Yes that's possible but I would recommend doing it in Thailand. You have a preferred location so that makes it much easier. You can check out first hand. Just for one example. Take Viewtalay 6. If you walk to lobby there are many for rent and sale notices and offices with rentals. Also for rent internet sites. Depends what your after.
  11. Good attitude. Things still going on. For example we are going to Pattaya for fireworks end of November. That will be mainly Thai, which is sorta nice. However right now the bars etc that you would know in places such as Soi 7-8 etc all shut. It's sad to see many businesses closed. You will be able to find many options for rental accommodation.
  12. If your using an agent you will not require funds in bank but will need a Thai bank account. Some agents just deal with the non O and 12 month extension. Be aware that costs baht and if can place the money in bank for financials that saves a lot. The process is not difficult. If coming for retirement I would recommend obtaining the non O an extension yourself. Couple of posters have recommended Siam Legal for bank account. Obviously other companies can assist.
  13. Have you been to Thailand recently? I realize the answer is no. Point is that I'm having people contact me from Oz and reading between the lines of what they type, they clearly have zero idea of what the current situation is in Thailand. I would suggest to pushing your trip back from mid Nov. Back to your op.....A key thing that you will need is a Thai bank account. That's needed to apply for your non O and requires 800k baht on day you apply. Need to show those funds came from o/s. Money transfers using companies such as Wise is good option. Money needs to be
  14. There has yet to be a decision on whether to extend Thailand’s nationwide State of Emergency, set to expire on September 30th, or whether the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) will remain "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in" godfather part 2.
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