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  1. Since this thread seems to be about flights to Thailand. Oz folk should check this out. I just received from Jetstar. So that's 6k return direct flights. I just choose two dates from start Feb.
  2. I assume you entered on tourist visa or visa exempt and are now obtaining 60 day covid extensions. 90 day reporting is not required.
  3. Yes availability was extended. BTW, METV is not available everywhere and does rely on border run. When borders open who knows. When borders open the METV will be best option.
  4. Surprised by above two replies. Yes it's guess work, however covid extensions are due to stop late November which is not far away. Land borders look very unlikely to be open prior to that time. Only an opinion but my money would firmly on covid extensions being extended for 2 more months past late Nov.
  5. You could obtain a tourist visa or even enter visa exempt and obtain a non O (based on retirement) inside Thailand at immigration. Would require bank account in Thailand and also deposit 800k but only for day of application of non O. You could obtain a STV.
  6. https://aseannow.com/topic/1236530-1-night-aq-pricing-for-quarantine-free-entry/
  7. Your OP stated obtaining covid extensions. Now you state "I'm on a retirement visa" (no such thing BTW). Every one of your posts in this thread is in error along with your criticism of the correct advice given by many.
  8. "At least 6 months".... Have you looked into Special Tourist Visa. STV could be an option to check out. Allows stay up to 9 months.
  9. Setv can be extended by 30 days. Same for visa exempt entry. If married to a Thai can obtain 60 day extension to visit wife
  10. You have always been required to show inbound flight ticket when applying for tourist visa. Nothing new.
  11. To obtain a covid extension in Bangkok all you needed regarding where your staying is a TM30. Easily done as has already been mentioned. Your experience of..."being forced to stay in a cottage for 60 days...." in order to obtain a covid extension, I put down to being poorly informed. Folk obtaining covid extensions are not required to have a 2 month lease.
  12. No. They will say..."up to 2 weeks" More likely to be one week" currently. They send it EMS you receive tracking number. If it's for drivers license plan on 2 weeks to be 100% Good your landlord did the TM30. Ask him for print out of his lodgement receipt.
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