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  1. In this thread attached the OP states TM30 was not required https://aseannow.com/topic/1318323-uneventful-non-o-retirement-extension-at-cw-last-week-short-report/ Here is thread where OP states TM30 was provided and accepted. https://aseannow.com/topic/1326006-first-retirement-extension-at-cw-easy-as-you-like/ OP, if you have a lease include that and make sure provide most recent TM47
  2. Obtain new pp prior to February to obtain 12 month extension or don't and receive extension date same as current pp expiry.
  3. OP, seems since you mentioned Bangkok that you will be dealing with CW. I have never provided a TM30 for annual extensions (many years) . Having stated that nothing would surprise me. At CW previously I never provided TM47 (90 day report receipt) yet last couple of years it's required.
  4. Currently visa exempt entry is 30 and you can obtain 30 day extension to that. IF the visa exempt entry is raised to 60 days, no reason to think that permit cannot be extended by 30 days
  5. With the visa exempt+ 30 day extension + 60 to visit wife gives you time to season 400k for the non O. Unfortunately Jomitien are requiring 400k seasoning for the non O from visa exempt entry. Not the correct rule.
  6. Thanks for clear report. And yes the stamps details (expiry) are not altered when transfered to new pp. Thinking many years ago they may have been.
  7. OP, if you cannot obtain the visa at Savannakhet due to appointment or funds.....you could consider a border bounce and with the visa exempt entry you could obtain a non O based on marriage at your local immigration office and the subsequent 12 month extension. Process outlined in attached thread and links to other similar threads. https://aseannow.com/topic/1315828-visa-exempt-to-90-day-non-o-spouse-visa-conversion-in-thailand/
  8. OP, here is old old thread however the OP in that thread gives good overview. https://aseannow.com/topic/381917-how-to-gain-parental-rights-as-a-father/
  9. Understand, however you will reenter Thailand on a new visa exempt so you are able to obtain a 60 day extension to visit wife if required. Which immigration office do you use.
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