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  1. Does your paper have a QR code on it?
  2. Don't you get a vaccine certificate with a QR code at Bage Sue?
  3. Because the Thai authorities then don't consider him as working in Thailand, so no work permit required. See for example: https://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/citynews/general/immigration-officers-raid-popular-co-working-space/
  4. https://thaiconsulatela.org/en/non-o/ Point 7 under non-OA
  5. There is no 90 day limit, people who claim such a limit exists are just trolling.
  6. You either misunderstood something or maybe you just got trolled by an IO. I applied for a covid extension in CM as well as in BKK, in both cases I had only the TM30 as proof of address.
  7. Get a multimeter and check the voltage between phase and ground, if it's 230v it could actually be ground. It could of course also just be connected to neutral, would then also show 230v, no idea how to figure out if it's a real ground other than tracing the cable.
  8. Depends on the wording they use in the official Thai announcement. Does anybody have the official Thai announcement and can post it here? Maybe it does indeed say "resident", and somebody on a non-immigrant visa is just no resident under Thai immigration law.
  9. Which problem exactly? Just ask the hotel where you stay for a printout of the TM30 which they do online for you and take it to immigration when you apply for the extension
  10. According to Google the bike was only sold with 113cc. The bike did at least drop on the right side (bent lever) and it did slide on the left side (look at the main stand, a simple drop doesn't take so much material off) No idea if the price is good, but comparing a second hand Honda with a Suzuki is like comparing apples with oranges, a Honda has a significantly higher second hand price just because it's a Honda.
  11. Why would the premiums be halved? Hardly anybody costs the insurance companies over 50k. The premiums will probably stay the same, maybe reduced by a few percent.
  12. And back then nobody was arrested because they weren't considered as working in Thailand.
  13. Historically the Thai authorities interpretation of the rules has been that if you are doing work for a business abroad and it doesn't involve Thai people, then it isn't seen as working in Thailand (even if you are physically in Thailand), thus no work permit required.
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