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  1. Of course, a man of my talents has the analytical know how and the docs are already in circulation to the relevant parties.
  2. My wife and I will be flying with Emirates to Table Mountain on 12 April and returning two weeks later. When we return Songkran will be all over. How unfortunate.
  3. That's the buying price. I saw that a store this morning was selling gold at B41,150.
  4. Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn will not be suspended from police duty, for now, said Pol Gen Kittirat "Big Tai" Phanphet, acting national police chief. Pol Gen Surachate was moved to inactive duty at the PM's Office following instructions from Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin. This means that he has been suspended from the Deputy National Police Chief position, but not from police duty, and he is still receiving his full wage and welfare. Pol Gen Kittirat explained that there are procedures that need to be followed, and the national police HQ has yet to receive reports about the allegations against Pol Gen Surachate, as the investigative officers are still probing the accusations. Pol Gen Surachate was accused of money laundering in connection with alleged financial transactions from an illegal online gambling network that allegedly involved him and his subordinates. An arrest warrant has been issued for him after he failed to comply with three previous summoning warrants. He turned himself in after the Criminal Court approved the arrest warrant, and he was granted bail yesterday. (more) https://twitter.com/ThaiEnquirer/status/1775438958341816511
  5. BREAKING: Deputy Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, AKA "Big Joke", turns himself in Tuesday evening after the Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant following his failure to answer to police summons thrice for charge of money laundering related to online gambling business. https://twitter.com/KhaosodEnglish/status/1775127350205878650
  6. BREAKING: The Criminal Court on Tues issues an arrest warrant against ex Deputy Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, AKA "Big Joke", aft he failed to answer to police summons thrice for charge of money laundering related to online gambling business. It's unclear where he is. https://twitter.com/KhaosodEnglish/status/1775105405829709930
  7. What is more dangerous, tobacco smoking or e-cigs? I think we know the answer to that
  8. To purchase an ETF in Thailand you'll need to open a Thai bank account that deals in funds, in your case the S&P 500 and most of them do.
  9. That's for sure: He arrived at the Pheu Thai Party at 1.30 p.m. and left at 3.10 p.m. with a smile and looking healthy. https://twitter.com/KhaosodEnglish/status/1772576347904483356
  10. Agree but wish you could buy the Marmite low salt here. Plenty on line but at ridiculous1y high prices.
  11. SENATORS PLAN TO GRILL the coalition government over alleged double-standard privileges provided for de facto Pheu Thai boss-cum-convict on parole Thaksin Shinawatra, among other bones of contentions, on the upcoming Monday, sources said Saturday (Mar 23). I need a haircut first before I listen to to what the senators and the PM say about me. On Sunday afternoon, #Thaksin visited a barbershop near the Saladaeng (Silom) BTS station to get his hair cut. Some people greeted him & asked to take pictures with him. He talked with them abt their living conditions & economic situation. https://twitter.com/KhaosodEnglish/status/1772071057136001037
  12. The question remains is, why is he traveling to the UK at this time and why was this 'holiday' approved? I wonder if he'll meet up with a certain Red Bull family member.
  13. I'm feeling better already. Off with the neck brace: https://twitter.com/ThaiEnquirer/status/1768605376357036478
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