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  1. Has it been raised? In 2017 for motorbike license it was 45 of 50, I passed with 47 (seen some Thai language sources up to this year, 45 of 50 is pass) From the last check of the rules: expired between one to three years: redo theory (multiple choice test) in addition to the usual.
  2. The real problem currently are the long queues (according to reports from Bangkok and other sites). A guy complained that he would have to get up at 5 AM to join the "foreigner queue" (40 per day at his office). Foreigner queue: there is an online queue/appointment website but seemingly not usable for foreigners.
  3. Sorry, seen after my post and in line with the story I was told.
  4. Not sure whether it is related: a mate recently was at Khon Kaen immigration. 1) He had his savings account book (K-Bank) and letter way more than 800k. The account shows no movement since years (except some minor interest). 2) The mate receives his monthly pension to another account at Bangkok Bank. He only showed documents for 1). Immigration officer asks "what are you living on"? He had nothing to show but came through with a reminder for next year. I bet the officer is always entitled to ask the question. I told mate: always have all book
  5. From the article: They haven't heard of guardrails which would should be standard at such an edge? Some pain/signs, solar powered warning lights would be added comfort. Asking for too much.
  6. Finland also, overlooked. But: the original article in dailynews reads different. Not like 1)+2)+3) = 38 The Nordic countries are grouped as lowest risk countries. The USA is mentioned explicitely as "critical" with still high infection rates. France is pointed out as EU country with the highest infection rate (?). So this 38 countries is for consideration and might well shrink to my opinion. Still no idea what happened to Singapore?
  7. Denmark and Sweden count twice (EU and Nordic). And Singapore vanished from the three point list (inplausible). Interesting to learn which three EU countries will not be on the list?
  8. In the forum news thread it has already been described that the CoE will be replaced by a web based procedure. Insurance? Bet yes. Is it worth to run another thread on that?
  9. The article is dated from 14:40 (2:40 PM). Another article in Thai from dailynews is dated 17:16 (5:16 PM) and tells a complete different story of up to 38 countries being considered. This Bangkok newspaper has published some significant misinformation in the past. I suggest to sleep over it and I won't take a bet on it.
  10. If you google the term ปูนแคลเซียม, you will find a lot of entries from home stores etc. for "soil improvement". Maybe stuff with other components/percentages ("dolomite").
  11. Didn't know the term but if I got it right it's basically calcium lime? Calcium in Thai is basically just a transcript (แคลเซียม). I found a product that is obviously for regulating acidity (PH value). It's simply named: ปูนแคลเซียม as Thai does not know an "l" at syllable end it will sound like an "n": bpoon kaen-siiam That is the product I found on shopee. If you take the picture people should know what you look for: (98.2 % calcium, 1.8% "other nutrients"?) https://shopee.co.th/ปูนขาวปรับสภาพดิน-น้ำ-เกรดA-แคลเซียมคาร์บอเนต---ปูน
  12. If you want a difficult one: October 22 will be a substitute holiday but not shown on printed calendars where you see October 25 in red (but cancelled/moved).
  13. An easy one. A public holiday (day of mourning) that is very clearly announced. Every year after 2016.
  14. Wasn't Monday 25 (substitute) moved to Friday 22? Bank of Thailand and another source I check still show so. https://www.bot.or.th/English/FinancialInstitutions/FIholiday/Pages/2021.aspx Calendar on Khon Khaen immigration also shows October 22nd as closed.
  15. Can only agree. Totally surprising that this insurance company knows something >I< (at least) haven't seen anywhere (regarding those who do extension in the country). Smells extremely fishy to me!
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