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  1. From my place to Pattaya: Get up as usual, enjoy breakfast, remaining stuff to the bags. Drive 1:15 to the airport (daughter drives car back). Checkin 5 min, sit and relax, wait for boarding. 12:20h take off, 13:25 (likely earlier) touchdown Latest 14:00 taxi to Pattaya, 15:30 at hotel Fuel 400, flight 1000 all incl, taxi 1000 = 2400 Yes expensive. But compared to my one and latest bus from district town many years ago. Departure 7:00(?), early up and hurry to drive to district town. Bus AC bloody cold (on a cool rainy day), no pa
  2. Yes there will be more among Thai population. But as other countries they should focus on watching deaths/severe cases/hospitalization. The number of (detected) cases is just too inaccurate/vague.
  3. "A car in front of me had immediately stopped before the highway police checkpoint." That was a driver seeking an escape route Once happened in front of me when a pickup suddenly did a sharp left to some dirt road.
  4. Asking the same for a mate in Germany. Can someone point me to the source for "two hour drive from Suvarnabhumi allowed"?
  5. Did some search and came up with this: https://pattayadrain.com/ All in Thai language. Call center: 061 809 6444 Office: 061 809 6222 Line ID: finrock Line ID Official: @tortan "tortan" is the name of "Tortan Group". Maybe kind of franchise? https://tortangroup.com/
  6. Sure. But "for the time being". It's another 7 weeks until a real season would start. Patience required.
  7. There is always a chance of local/regional problems. But from years of reading here, there is worse than 3BB. And AIS fiber which is highly praised is not available for you.
  8. I use Nord VPN and satisfied with it. Throttling, I can only give you an example regarding youtube videos. Playing or downloading high quality can become erratic at peak times (6 to 8 PM typically). If I connect to a Singapore VPN playing is always smooth. Download also smooth (not as fast as best case without VPN but still better than erratic).
  9. See here about this complete .. of B. P.: https://aseannow.com/topic/1236486-confused-over-chartered-flight-requirement-for-latest-no-quarantine-arrivals-into-thailand/?do=findComment&comment=16918841
  10. And the Phuket sandbox showed that very few cases very imported? Or did I get that wrong? So what's all the fuss about new variants/mutations in country xyz if strict checks of vaccination and test on entry is done combined with health insurance? The virus exist since 2019 and will never vanish completely. Learn to live with it or die from starvation/economic depression/stagflation ...
  11. As already seen in the later news post: not all of Chonburi is exempted but only the designated areas (Muang Pattaya = Mueang Pattaya = Pattaya city e.g.). Chonburi city has the highest number of detected infections in the province.
  12. To me it means dumping this nonsense spreading news media. Remember them stating that five countries are eligible? This rumor nonsense is still not completely silenced. Wait for reputable sources. I haven't found a single indication about "chartered" in the TAT announcement and the new CeO website (even though not spent to much on it). Why would they switch from regular scheduled flights like now?
  13. Your nonsense is no better. You never experienced seasons in Thailand? What is all the excitement about November 1? Of course it will slowly go forward and heaven helps that the rainy season extends to Christmas.
  14. Mobile internet is a nice addition but nothing beats a wired fiber connection. Have 3BB 1000/500 for two years or so. No relevant outages, never felt the need to call customer service. Consider "investing" in a good VPN SW to circumvent throttling/country based locks etc.
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