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  1. 1984, those were the times (before me). A number of "Pattaya 1984" videos on the net. Simple search.
  2. Either I don't understand your post or I have to deny. If you use an ATM card of a Thai bank that is in the cash pool network (most) then: 1) you can show the balance of your account even on other banks ATM anytime. Try it. 2) they add fees depending on location of your branch and how often you used other banks ATM (like 15 or 20 Baht). Four withdrawals per calendar month within the region/province at other banks ATM are free (conditions set by your bank). That's from experience (and fine prints). Checked Bangkok Bank balance at a BAAC ATM nearby, withdraw at other banks ATM uncounted times. Even many Thai people seem to be unaware. They queue at an ATM to withdraw money while other ATMs are available.
  3. General rule Expired for more than one year: repeat theory (multiple choice) test Expired for more than three years: start from scratch, theory and driving test. There was reprieve granted for licenses that expired DURING the office closing due to COVID. But after that renewal had to be done. And maybe (don't know) three months to do after offices opened again.
  4. You might be disappointed. Forecasts show only moderate rains. As the article says: have an umbrella with you.
  5. For a change: European weather centers (ECMWF) predict significant rain. Chanthaburi 30 to 60 mm for six days in a row. Rayong less. Trat looks serious too, 60 to 80 mm for four days in a row. https://meteologix.com/th/forecast/1605279-trat/xltrend/euro/precipitation (I filter for ECMWF only, GFS USA hopefully wrong again with 175 mm !)
  6. Bad smells often from the sewage and dependent on weather and rain. Pattaya sewage notorious. Often manholes covered with mats in front of bars etc.
  7. Very shy masseuse might insist on wearing some boxers even for oil massage. Serious massage generally OK with a towel and the masseuse will meticulously place it Not so serious massage: masseuse will tear it off
  8. Can't say whether COVID extended but this is more than three years and so you are treated like a new applicant. Trying to do a new conversion from their home license seems to be rejected.
  9. It sounds like you had a Thai license before you left? When has it expired? Red.cert. is not my topic. Here show yellow book/pink card and all set.
  10. Sure: sitting on the loading area of the truck and thrown off. Safety at work a la Thai.
  11. Last time I ordered Xatral was about a year ago (had operation and don't take anymore). The price incl. shipment for two boxes of 30 pills was 1935 Baht. So just under 1000 for one box. Ordered at Medisafe Bangkok. https://www.facebook.com/Medisafe.Pharmacy.Rama4/ Ordered via Facebook messenger chat. Paid by bank transfer.
  12. Hefty fine for the Merc driver! Parking wrong way and seemingly parking prohibited and no distance to some exit?
  13. Bet a lot of posters (like me) at first only watched a few seconds until the punch. Watch the whole video and see how aggressive the wannabe woman was. So I join and say well deserved. They are a pest.
  14. Thieve? Did you read the words "assaulted" and "robbed". There is big difference between thieves and robbers. This is another category then gold chain stolen on Beach rd. White Rose (1/2) are in the very central of Pattaya and I don't think that such street robbery/assault was the rule some 10 / 15 years ago. Things have become worse.
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