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  1. Back to the original question... can anyone recommend a dentist for implant in Bangkok? At reasonable prices?
  2. Actually all passport offices are open again in Bangkok, also Klong Toey right at MRT station and the one in Maboonkrong. Got a time slot for Tuesday. Just in case you want to plan a bit more ahead, @david143
  3. You know, am not telling anyone about becoming Thai. It makes most of long staying non-Thais here jealous, so no point in telling anyone - the envy!
  4. Finally. Got. That. Blue. Card. With a horrible photo. Overexposed. Can't even decipher the height numbers in the back. Who cares. Would I do it again? Of course. Everyone knows from the outset whether one qualifies or not. Grow a thick skin, smile, and smile some more. Conquering Everest? Peanuts in comparison. As @Arkady says, at least a few slippery banana skins are thrown under everyone's feet. But then again, you know from the outset whether you'll make it. You'll meet every bureaucratic obstacle along the way. You'll end up as more Thai than most Thais: sealed, strengthened a
  5. Words cannot express what I'd like to express. Supposed to be on the final meters - and the bureaucracy is simply astonishing. Back in the Sowjet days - yes I did lot of things - when you bought a train or opera ticket in Moscow or elsewhere in the empire, there was this seller behind a small window. Powerless really, a seller of tickets. But impossible to be told what to do. You needed the ticket, and that person securely positioned behind that small window enjoyed the power over you. Thai bureaucracy is similar. And the naturalization process tops it all. Take all the
  6. Tooth broke under the gum, so that makes the core redundant. Had to do an extraction - and boy that core was still strong! Must have bitten at one point in time on something that cracked the top of the tooth... Someone suggested that an implant can do more harm than good to the local nerve system.
  7. Out of nowhere a tooth broke. Dentist says teeth are otherwise in good condition. Happened a few months back. The gap healed quickly and nicely. Have no trouble eating and chewing. Long story short: What are longer-term consequences of not having an implant? Heard some stories that implants can do more harm than good. If not, can anyone recommend a dentist / clinic / specific implant brand?
  8. DHL are the worst. Whenever I want to purchase something abroad and shipping option is DHL: cancel the order. The hassles and additional costs are not worth it. Always hassles, always exceeding additional costs. Very shady business model, to say the least. They advertise cheap shipping rates - at the end they're the worst expensive. Plus all the hassles. Avoid DHL. They're bandits.
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