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  1. If the next Covid wave comes, pretty sure not from the air, but from the illegals.
  2. It’s an e-visa directed from the New York consulate website page, I didn’t visit the New York consulate yet. I thought the print out is good enough, but who knows. The customer service telephone number always does not work, that’s why I am not sure what to do.
  3. Hello, I am an United States citizen and my e-visa or single entry tourist visa is approved. I received a PDF file. Do I print out this PDF file or go to the consulate to obtain a visa page on my passport. I am not sure what to do of this Covid situation. Just print the email is gonna be very convenient for me. Thank you.
  4. My arrival day on Dec 8th, therefore, good for those people after the 16th.
  5. I like people just saying we only need to show Thailand pass. No hassles then. But always print everything out in case you encounter a terrible officer.
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