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  1. In the US in the 1920/30, thanks to a bunch of idiots in power, the US became the biggest crime organization in the world, all this because of alcohol restriction. Is what Thailand wants. Don't kid yourself, if one has fruits, yeast and sugar, one can make alcohol and no one can stop this.
  2. Why 11p? who is the smart guy who decided on 11pm. What's wrong with 1am or 2am. Are you targeting children or adults?
  3. Wow! And I thought Thailand was backward. Casinos in Thailand, when? Hurry up! You are already over a hundred years behind!
  4. The Thai Government Official who said the reason why we heavily tax imported wine is because it's classified as "luxurious product". Well, I can only say that 80% of wine I see on shelves here are just ordinary "plunk" table wines. They should start employing people who have a bit of knowledge about wine. "A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world". Louis Pasteur
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