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  1. how many of you will transfer a lot of money if it's going very low ? I will transfer at least $100000 USD that I do not want to be stolen by my western government to pay for all the covid tests and treatments made for the idiots who were too stupid to protect themselves !
  2. hello, Do you know where to do Covid 19 antibodies test to find if you already got covid and are protected ? Can you do it at any small clinic for cheap to know if you already got covid ? Bangkok or Pattaya / Chonburi please ? Thanks.
  3. hello, For a Thai who gas been in contact with a positive covid case, where to test for free around Pattaya ? it seems that when you go to Banglamung hospital you have to queue for hours ? and then they told that few days later you need to test again to be sure that you didn't get covid when queuing ? are they totally idiots ?! I see photos of civid test booths everywhere, but NOWHERE somebody is smart enough to tell where they are located, and not even on this forum ! do you have any idea where to find them and do you have to queue for hours also ? is th
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