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  1. I already did physio and didn't notice much improvement. I train and stretch almost daily but from what the doctor told me some of my disc are completely dry. Money or insurance is not an issue. I'm looking for the best available treatment and I'm willing to pay. The pain is getting better over time but I can't train as hard as I would like to. Maybe I'm just getting older!
  2. Thanks, I know there is approved clinic in Panama run by American. After your post I don't think I will do it in Thailand. Edit: here is the link to the clinic in Panama: https://www.neilriordan.com/medistem-panama/
  3. Looking for reccomendation about stem cell therapy for lower back injury. I contacted The Regeneration Center in Bangkok but I'm curious to know if anyone has experience with this kind of treatment and where they went. I went to Bangkok Hospital in Samui seeking conventional treatment but the doctor said I waited too long and they can't help until I injure myself again. I still experience pain daily and heard stem cell therapy could help.
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