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  1. Firstly, they should have vaccinated 80% of all the citizens before they plan to reopen the country. Also, before they open it to the world, they should open the country to locals to see whether it has gone back to normal. Besides, even if they open it now, who's gonna come? Because many other countries are still struggling with the pandemic.
  2. The FDA said the booster shot is not really necessary; it just improves immunity. Why don’t they continue vaccinating those people who are still waiting for vaccines? Not those who've already gotten two doses. At least can boost the vaccination rates. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/pfizer-says-third-covid-19-shot-warranted-fda-document-2021-09-15/
  3. How about the suicide casualties that are cause by emotional pressure and financial restraints during the pandemic? Are those considered COVID deaths?
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