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  1. I was going to reply almost the same, in Makro Pattaya carrots are 29Thb / Kg??? The ones OP is mentioning must be very large medium size.....
  2. The process was so flawless it went straight down the drain. 55555
  3. I fully agree, but when i called them , because in doubt about the AND / OR , it was mandatory, because 2nd shot was not yet 4 weeks.....
  4. It was end 2021, Yes Suvarnabhuni, Thai Smile,, Indeed upon calling PCR also mandatory....I attached what was on their website at the time.
  5. Do you really think so? According to me the best is to ask to see their ID Card.... It's the only document where the original gender and name CANNOT be changed.....
  6. Last time I flew BKK - Khon Kaen, going needed fully vacced and Neg PCR; On the way back nothing needed....
  7. I was wondering the same; Since when is it fraud to ' supposedly ' or actually know people??
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