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  1. Too early, just imagine all the germs/viruses being passed from kid to kid to teacher to parents.
  2. This piece is about quarantine NOT being necessary. A great move by govt to help tourists. As usual, good news met by the moaning brigade.
  3. How do you know if the Thais travelling domestically are not vaccinated? Of course foreigners who are on tourist visa should be grilled when travelling.
  4. I wouldn't keep much on Crypto. com. I used to keep most on a Nano Ledger but now I keep the majority of my portfolio on Kraken, as I get 12% for DOT, KSM, and 6% for SOL. Also a few others like Celcius/Elrond. Did Coinbase steal your money? I do worry a bit about how much I keep on some exchanges.
  5. I bought my wife a gold chain yesterday using my crypto. com card. They charged me 3% but I get that back in CRO tokens.
  6. A good feeling when the exchanges start to overload.
  7. Opps that was a phone auto spell. Martinis, as Rugby drinks, should be nationals.
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