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  1. Who are you to say what the law should be? I say lock up all the old foreigners who pay for sex, that's illegal too.
  2. I think so. What would you buy right now - BTC or gold?
  3. I understand that, I saw a big black manta ray when surfing off Point Lonsdale. Nearly had a heart attack.
  4. @Neeranam I don't think I need this yellow passport when I go to the UK and back, if I have my vaccine cert. I agree with your thoughts, but I think of the Yellow vaccination Book/passport as I do the pink ID card/ Yellow Tibbian Barn/Thai licence/credit card etc. As a foreigner I get every legal document/card that is available to us...just a good feeling to have them. Fair enough. I assume tibbian barn should read housebook.
  5. I'm a bit confused. Can I get into the UK with Sinovac, Astra, Moderna?
  6. So it is 3 months recommend for Pfizer. Would they give it after 2 months, in planning on going to Scotland and maybe Columbia
  7. You got the vaccine afte having Covid?
  8. I don't think I need this yellow passport when I go to the UK and back, if I have my vaccine cert.
  9. I know/worked with them both but Biggs was not really into this kinda writing.
  10. Most studied online. My kids at school and uni did. I don't really care about the cost, just they are a pain in the <deleted> being home.
  11. Not really, my public school was as good as any of the private schools around, including the one where Prince Charles, Andrew, Edward, Philip went to. However not many know what the schools are. In Scotland, I went to the same school as Lord Byron(but a few years later). When I went, it was a public school(comprehensive), which is not what the English call a 'public school'(they call private schools 'public'). When Byron went there, it was a private school(known as 'public' to the English).
  12. Don't worry, just take the cash. I used to get 2000 baht an hour for tutoring Bangkok Pattana kids Maths, 20 years ago, it was great.
  13. He is friendly with very influential guys in govt. He is only big in the English press because his name means something different in English.
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