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  1. This is exactly why I have always stayed single. I live by the philosophy of "either put out or get out".
  2. Perhaps they upped it to 46 because no-one (very few) from the original 10 was coming? The rest of the world has become tired of Thailand's and discovered much more friendlier and nicer places to go
  3. I have always used the 800k option and the only thing CW requires is the bank letter the morning of and a quick look in the bank book for the running balance and the FTT deposit code.
  4. I follow the same rule of thumb as you and use cash back credit cards to pay for everything (shopping, utilities, etc). Love those monthly rewards! I always pay the balance in full every month and never paid 1 penny of interest. I use the banks money to get a little extra back each month
  5. My cell phone has internet connection, GPS and facial recognition. Is it a high-tech gizmo too? I love how these people like to portray themselves and boast about being so high-tech making the illiterate local population think they are being kept safe from the evil foreigners. If only they would keep all of us (evil foreigners) safe and do something about the monkeys on motorbikes riding on the footpath
  6. I can see that escalating to violence immediately without any prior warning
  7. Will it be with the same utmost care as the bars and pubs where the third wave started? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall reading in the "Thailand news media" the third wave was started by government officials mingling with prostitutes in the Thong lo (spelling?) area.
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