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  1. Indeed, some or all of the figures have been wholly fabricated. One of the reasons why Hang Kra Rok(ST1) is your favourite, is it's equal parts of THC/CBD, at approx. 7% of each. Tanaosri(WA1) is probably closer to 9% to 10%. They do themselves no favours making up the figures, as many people prefer something balanced, as opposed to strong to the nth degree. Hence your preference for ST1.
  2. Provincial police. Immigration, Tourist police. They all need to be involved. You are welcome.
  3. It also depends on the router. Without carrier aggregation, expect around 20 Mbps. Theoretically, the router you suggested is only capable of half of the speed of the one suggested by J2U. His suggestion is good for hotel use and travel; not so good for a house or multi room apartment.
  4. Seemed overly expensive for a no- brand name item. I decided to investigate.... It's CAT-6...which is good. That means 2CA on Band 1 & 3 and Band 1 and Band 8. Though your price suggestion is still too high: https://shopee.co.th/Pocket-WiFi-IoT-True-4G-Smart1-i.42202377.2698002195 Next time, at least try posting a link. OP won't get far clicking on a picture ???? Good find.
  5. Current offer is unlimited data at 15 Mbps with inclusive any network calls for 200 baht per month. For newly registered SIMS. 1 GB for 200 baht is a joke.
  6. Sorry, but what's your point? It seems that you are desperate to throw mud because of your partisan beliefs. But it doesn't make sense what you are writing. Neutrality? Are you wanting the USA to be neutral in this conflict? If indeed Hunter Biden had "significant dealings with Russia"(Please provide some evidence), what effect would you expect that to bring about? Joe Biden taking it easy on Russia? Is that happening? On the other hand, if you were writing about a Mr Trump... I think the inference was that Hunter Biden had business in Ukraine and China, but that doesn't fit with your current conspiracy theory. Give it a rest will ya? You appear to be both mudslinging and grasping at straws at the same time; a significant feat in itself. Congratulations!
  7. Yes, it's strange isn't it? Sadly, because of this, the thread is becoming a bit of a joke. I cannot even look at some of the crazy posts on here anymore. It's like they want to believe that the high speeds are true and that the ones that show the actual speed available to them are not to be believed. Have any of them actually tried to download a file to see if they get anything close to the Speedtest figures? I think it's just best to leave them to it.
  8. Nice strawman argument. You wrote that there are no sub-£450 fares and I showed clearly that there are. The fact that they don't fit your booking pattern is your problem. Already in this thread, I linked to a very good choice for your December flight, at £1208 and you rejected it for your gamble. Good luck with that. Of course it's a competition. It's your competition to find the cheapest flight for yourself. But your attitude(I've been doing this for 21 years etc) is impeding your progress. You think you know it better, so you will act as if you are always right. For that you will surely pay. Might just be a few hundred pounds and it's your money. I tried to help and you were ungrateful as usual. Go back to take a look at where I showed you very good flights for £1208. You did not even thank me. Never mind. Have a nice day.
  9. I have no idea as to what you reply is supposed to mean. None at all. Can you clarify?
  10. You are almost certainly going to pay for your assertion that two airlines are worse than one. Perhaps on a split booking, but not on one PNR. Then there is no difference. Perhaps only in your mind. I used Qatar and they stiffed me. They didn't make the connection and have pointedly refused to pay compensation. Many people are simply refusing to use them because of their poor customer service. I would have gone for the THAI/Lufthansa combo in a heartbeat, at less than 16 hours each way for £1208. Travelling upstairs on the Lufthansa A380 was very comfortable with excellent service. I'm learning to stop trying to convince people of the error of their ways. Better to allow them to learn for themselves.
  11. There are already sub £450 flights available, they just don't fit your pattern of booking. If you book in advance, you can obtain flights from London or Manchester for sub £350. BHX sub £400. Though you are looking at from next April onwards for those prices.
  12. I have no idea as to whether it will work for you; https://techtrickz.com/how-to/guide/choose-specific-lte-band-on-android/ I don't use an Android mobile phone.
  13. It isn't correct, as I am also running unlimited 10 & 20 Mbps SIMs. So I have relevant experience.
  14. Incorrect. It might use up to 49 baht per day...then slow down for the rest of that day. But you are quoting an out of date post, because someone decided to bump the thread.....three months later.
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