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  1. similar to parasites which turn on and eat each other........disgusting creatures.
  2. it would mke a change from babysitting for the general or cutting the majors grass or even pushing people off cliffs i suppose.
  3. My mate and his mum call it he bathroom, but i am opposed to pissing in the bathroom.
  4. With all the ex SAS and Seals living in Pattaya i would have thought that there would have been a couple on board todeal with this idiot
  5. Big problem is that parents no longer see danger in letting their little darlings have a m/c.
  6. Everywhere one will find brainless drongoes who are neither satisfied or happy with their own lifestyle and so have to revert to drugs to enhance their miserable existance.
  7. The more i read these questions and answers , the more confused i get. I guess that the only way for me is through an agent. But how do i know that he is honest and doing the right thing.
  8. Where is the evidence that he tried to rape her ? She said that he was just staring at her, he could have been under the influence and looking for his "lost" home.
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