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  1. It is my belief that Thailand (this current government) cannot (does not want to) learn anything from anyone.
  2. Small point to watch out for. Many builders will quote for waterproof cement and grout BUT they use basic stuff. Not waterproof. You will be re-grouting in a few years.
  3. "Thai virologists think mixed vaccine use may give some protection against Omicron" The Thai government thinks that mixed vaccines give some protection against everything.
  4. Surely banks stopped taking foreign currency more than a year ago? (Foreign notes can carry Covid but apparently Thai notes are safe....) As far as I know, the rule still applies. FX booths still taking it though.
  5. There must be an election due soon. The press is giving Uncle Tu a lot of publicity on "Thai PM orders........." Obviously, senior politicians et al cannot do their jobs properly. The PM is running the country single handed?
  6. My understanding is that most of these cases are from school clusters. It is making the authorities/schools do more PCR tests. Hence more positive cases. One parent told me that one of the schools will probably be closed until next year. I have no idea how many of these cases are asymptomatic.
  7. Options at the moment are Car Ferry - Raja from Nathon https://www.rajaferryport.com/sailing-schedule?route=sailing-schedule-koh-samui-koh-phangan Speedboat from Maenam (Pralarn pier) https://lomprayah.com/timetable Or the Haad Rinn Queen from Bangrak (Big Buddha pier). A travel agent can help. You can book all ferries from this site. eg https://www.phanganferries.com/time-table/?from=2&to=1
  8. So - 'That's Where You Go To (My Lovely)' *With apologies to Peter Sarstedt. PS I forgot to mention that the Aussie BBQ restaurant on Beach Road was also open.
  9. I went into Chaweng last night, Even more quiet than previous visits. A number of tourists walking the road at the north end - after the one way section. Near the Sala Resort. A few restaurants open and Prego was packed. Heading south down the one-way Beach Road - nothing except massage parlours open. Eventually saw some lights - Burger King and MacDonalds. Both open and both empty. Mind you, I have lived here for over 20 years and never eaten in either. Still looking for food - did a U turn onto the Lake Road behind MacDonalds. Duke Pub open and a bar restaurant
  10. "Thailand’s English proficiency plummets" However, Thailand's proficiency in Mandarin is improving.
  11. It is going to cost Boss a lot more to stay free now that Interpol had a new head from the UAE. Maj. Gen. Al-Raisi is reported to be corrupt and a torturer.
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