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  1. Just walk-in mate. Don't wait on a semi-working App.
  2. It's not a hype, it's the only way out. Vaccinations don't stop spread but it does reduce transmission by quite a lot. It reduces deaths, long Covid19 and therefore strain on the general healthcare. Since we base the situation on hospitalizations, people not getting a vaccine are actively prolonging the implied restrictions, thus hurting the economy, which of course hurts us all in the end.
  3. The whole anti-vax movement just proves again how stupid humanity really is as a mass. A form of Aristocracy will suit us way better than this semi-democracy form that we currently have. Most of us suffer from a serious case of Dunning-Kruger. I don't know much about vaccinations so therefore thrust the experts.
  4. Lack of restrictions and people living their lives more or less normally due to being vaccinated (and rightfully so), brings many infections. Vaccinations don't stop the spread but only prevents most severe cases. And we see this back in severe cases (hardly any). Time to let green patients quarantine at home, open the schools and let the tourist have their holiday. Only let fully vaccinated people on the island and monitor hospitalization of people with symptoms instead of solely infections. This has to be approach if they want to open Thailand next month. They seem scared and are sti
  5. I don't live in England, why should I need an english teacher? Little ironice for someone writing "competant". If you're going to bash my english, at least write it correct yourself.
  6. Fair enough, but that is a separate issue to that of an investment visa. 90 days requirements are very silly indeed.
  7. What do benefits have to do with it.. You don't get benefits in Thailand. Ever heard of an investment visa in the UK?
  8. We already have visa options for retirees and people working in Thailand... What they want?
  9. "The report marked that of the COVID patients in care 34 were designated as ‘Red patients’ (zero change); 339 were designated ‘Yellow’ patients (zero change) and 706 were ‘Green’ patients (-10)." People in care; Red: Severe Symptoms (34 people) Yellow: Mild symptoms (339 people) Green: Asymptotic (706 people)
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