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  1. For you anyone that questions the vax at all.....Is a tin-foil hat wearing ,conspiracy theorist nutcase..............I guess Tucker is a nutcase like anyone else that questions things.....
  2. Well for some reason Anti-vax MDs almost never get their opinions covered in the news....Maybe that's why their numbers seem small....
  3. Anti vaxers would be quite happy to be given the option of no medical treatment for covid if unvxed....They would be thrilled.....The vax lobby could never stop here but must keep tightening the screws.....
  4. If this matter had been so settled then I think this thread would have ended on page #1...... So please do explain why its still being discussed 50 pages later...
  5. Can anyone explain in simple terms what exactly they should give you or you should have after your 2nd dose... Do they register you on some system? What papers do you get? Was there not some kind of phone app? Its still not clear to me after simi keeping up with this subject for a while now... Thanks
  6. Not just Gates.....Loads of pictures on the internet of the 1% going maskless while in the same photos the hired help are all masked up....
  7. I hope your still wearing your mask Tony....Even after you got the vax...And keep wearing it indefinitely...After all your many many many pro mask posts....
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